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      Dear players   09/24/17

      Dear West Coast Roleplay community,  I was originally waiting for Fredrik to place this message, as he has more information about this than I do. However, obviously he is very busy and he hasn't been able to make time to properly write to you guys. Therefore I have decided to quickly let everyone know what is happening. As you might have noticed we have decided to close the server. The management has discussed the currents events and, because we want to be able to fully focus on the new script, we shut the server down. This is only temporary, whatsoever! In this closed period we rather let our scripters work on the new script in then just leave the server open without updates and without an active management.  Sadly we have no ETA of the new script yet but I can tell you for know that we will update the forums and inform you all about the new script. We would like to thank everybody who stuck around and tried to make West Coast Roleplay a better place and we are sure that you won't regret it.  Best regards,  West Coast Roleplay management and admin team. 
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Official Family Rules and Regulations

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Application Requirements: 
This is highly expected in every family application, may it be legal or illegal.


  • A family that wants to aim for official has to have the dedication, time, effort and creativity in order to carry on.
  • All families must have a minimum for 3 members to be considered as one, but it would be more preferable that there would be more.
  • High media and activity output would be very helpful in getting official.
  • While applying for a slot, all families must have a very IC related family thread, by that meaning a thread that has all IC information and media output in regarding of a family, no more cars/colors/guns format in the application itself as it tones down the RP and IC fundamentals of a family. Creativity is a MUST.

(Please note upon creation if they family required 1mil from administrators this money WILL be deducted after /createfamily No longer will we flood the economy with free cash.)



General Family Rules:
This is the official rules and regulations that every family should follow in the server, breaking any would result in a Strike.

  • Update your family threads every week with media output, media output = activity.
  • In order to initiate in a "Gang-war" on another family you need SS evidence of this war starting.
  • Stay within the concept/theme of your family, if you're a gangbanger then don't roleplay like a mafioso. 
  • Guns like SPAS12s, Snipers, and RPGs are PROHIBITED unless given permission by family admins.
  • Stick to your family concept, if you're a gangbanger, don't drive around with expensive cars and over the top guns, it breaks the concept.
  • Family channels such as /f is not a way to communicate with fellow members in a foreign language, all /f chats must be in english.
  • Metagaming via /f is highly prohibited, use /wt for IC information.
  • Only family admin + can authorize HQ raids. If LSPD raid your family, the safe may be emptied - this requires valid reason for raid, and authorization from the Government faction. So families, don't give LSPD a reason to raid your HQ. (LSPD will require a lot of evidence and planning for the raid to be accepted.)


Turf Rules and Regulations
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a direct strike, no more warnings.

  • Turfs are to be fought in an In Character manner.
  • Taking a turf while a family is taking a point is highly restricted, take turns in doing so.
  • A minimum of 3 members is required to take a turf.
  • Melee weapons are only allowed while taking a turf war, in order to prioritize RP environment such as brawls.
  • Gun fights are allowed RIGHT AFTER the turf war.
  • No masks allowed in turf war.
  • You cannot go back into the turf when you die.
  • No healing is allowed while in a brawl or during a turf war, don't bring drugs to heal.
  • LSPD may interfere during the turf war, but THEY ARE ONLY LIMITED WITH MELEE WEAPONS AND TAZERS.
  • Don't tab during a turf war, whoever does this will be striked and jailed.
  • All families are to have a 3 turf limit, unless family admins give a family a +1 in their limit.



Point Rules and Regulations
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a direct strike, no more warnings.

  • Points are to be fought in an In Character manner. In order to open fire upon a family you MUST initiate IC'ly for example "/s Drop the guns, you have ten seconds.". The only exception to this rule is if you're in an ACTIVE gang-war with the opposing/ contesting family.
  • Taking a point while a family is taking a turf is highly restricted.
  • A minimum of 2 members is required to take a point.
  • Rush Claiming a point is not allowed, rush claiming means not killing all family members taking the point. A family must clear out the perimeter of the point in order to claim it.
  • No drive by's in turf war, aka shooting while inside a car.
  • Masks are not allowed inside a point war.
  • No AFKing around a point.
  • No RKing when you die in a point war.
  • No healing in while undergoing in a point war.
  • LSPD will not be allowed in point wars.
  • Families have a maximum of 4 point slots unless awarded more, for reference check here: https://wc-rp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/381-official-family-roster-strike-log/

Point ROOFING rules : 

Here are the current standings (SS soon with examples etc):

Pickup A - You may only engage from the floor (No jumping onto the dumpster then onto the roof, this only supports shooting in/out of the point)

Delivery A - Again usage of the floor only, no climbing the crates/ pile of tyres.

Pickup B - Standard alley way plus the drain may be utilized by attacked/ defenders.

Delivery B - As long as its inside the compound you may utilizes the roofs of the caravans etc.

Pickup C - You can only engage in a shootout via the FLOOR of the drain, no usage of the bridge/ the little bike cut through. The Tunnel may be used.

Delivery C - As soon as you hit the stairs which go down this is where the point starts. Using the stairs/ platform is not considered roofing.

Pickup D - The oil rig is a mess therefore it's free for all do as you please with the roofing.

Delivery D - You may only utilize the bottom level of the Quarry.

Coke Hut - You can only use the floor and the buildings which have stairs connecting DIRECTLY to them. You may also climb the wooden boxes.

Coke Warehouse - There's not much room for roofing so anything goes in this point.

East LS Armoury - You can use the elevated grass and the floor, that's it.

Verona Armoury - Floor only.

Special Items - You may use the roof of the garage/ warehouse and the pier but not from miles away with snipers.

Meth Warehouse - No roofing on the outside, the Interior can be used fully, that means hiding and climbing.

Money - Floor and ramps only.

Pot - Floor only, it's a small point.

Chemical point - You may use the floor and the pipes/ spires with staircases connected DIRECTLY to them.

These are subject to criticism and change



Tagging Rules:

  • Tagging inside any mapping interior is prohibited.
  • RP tagging a wall! - Don't do it in public where people can see you!
  • You can buy spray cans from any 27/4 store. The cmd is /tagwall (if family rank allows )
  • Please do not tag on the following; Vehicles (private or public), GOV HQ. LSPD, LSFD, CITY HALL, Other Players.
  • When tagging keep in mind; Would you even be able to do it in real life? Don't tag somewhere you can't reach in IRL - IG.
  • Do not tag and have a large space between the wall and the tag. It should be as close as possible.
  • Do not write anything that is just plain old dumb ex. "Fuck niggers " if it has nothing to do with your family don't spray it.
  • Do not over do it .... don't tag a lot anywhere else unless it's around your HQ.





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