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West Coast Roleplay version 3.8.9

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West Coast Roleplay
version 3.8.9 - release date: March 19, 2019


Important message

The payday system has changed. Each hour, where you normally would get the paycheck at xx:02, it only performs the global tasks and your payday is now based on the minutes you play. This means that tabbing out does not count as game play, making playing hours fair. You can use /paycheck to check your earnings and when you will receive your next payday.


Added in this version

  • A new payday system as described in the important message (use /paycheck to get more information).
  • A cooldown to the /locker, /give and /hsafe /osafe /bsafe commands.
  • Added discord support. Use /togglediscord to enable the chat channel, and use /dc <message> to write. You can respond in our Discord Server too.
    Warning: The in-game rules and discord rules still apply.
    With this we added 911 calls and fire reports for the LSFD faction;



Changes in this version

  • Changed the roleplay test to have 1 chance instead of 3.
  • Changed two questions in the roleplay test.



Fixed in this version

  • Fixed a bug with house reloading (this must fix the house safe and furniture bug too).
  • Plants now are visible when you plant them in your house, and must save and load correctly.
  • Improvements to Pablo, we love him so much.
  • Fixed a bug where LSPD and LSFD could not place, edit or remove custom objects.



Removed in this version

  • Nothing removed in this version.

This update sends a thanks to:

@Sidney - Lead developer
@Damm - Development

... and all the WC-RP Beta Testers!

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