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West Coast Roleplay version 3.8.8

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West Coast Roleplay
version 3.8.8 - release date: March 5, 2019


Important message

The arms dealer job is restricted to organization members with rank 2 and higher in this version. The drugs dealer job is restricted to organization members with rank 1 and higher in this version. This means that firearms and drugs production is now limited to organizations only. The Server Manager is allowed to remove the restriction at any time, but the jobs are most likely to be restricted for now, and for the future. If you had the job you will get a message on login that your job was removed.


Added in this version

  • Pablo has finally made it in-game, his functions vary but will be noticed soon enough... 🙂 But he is for sure our favorite Mexican! 
  • Pay N Sprays & Transfenders are now businesses.
    • Information to future owners: Income is generated from the Entrance Fees, which can be set from $1750-$3000.
    • The high entrance fee is so that it doesn't steal too many clients from the mechanic job. Owners of these businesses get 33,33% of the entrance fee, due to many customers, and no "expenses" as of yet. UPS job will be added to this business type in the near future. 
    • Use /paynspray to get into Pay N Sprays, and use /modshop [enter/exit] to get into transfenders, wheel arch angles, and the lowrider tuning shop.
  • Added a house rent till so that you can earn money from your renters even when you're not online. 
    • When the renter is online, they get the rent amount drawn from their payday, this amount goes to your house till (-a little tax).
    • House owners can stand at the house icon, and use /rentwithdraw (amount). Use just /rentwithdraw to see how much is in the till.
  • Added weapon attachments (use /weapon to control the weapon)
  • Added weapon restrictions (Server Manager+ can change the required level to use a firearm at any time; melee weapons are NOT restricted)
  • Added East Beach Bank location to /gps
  • Added a 'My Houses' banner for /myhouses for chat seperation and readability (suggestion by @Morkva)
  • Added 3 new objects to /placeobject (LSFD is now allowed to use /placeobject, /modifyobject, /deleteobject and /removeobjects - Warning: this will globally remove every created object, as well as LSPD's objects!)
  • Added a new setting to /settings to disable the '2' or 'Numpad +' key to toggle the vehicle engine
  • Added new skins for the LSPD faction, use /uniform_c to use the custom skins


Changes in this version

  • Economy changes:
    • Max Interest has been lowered to 10k
    • The "server paycheck" has been adjusted to $1000 instead of $2000.
  • The Businesses now get 100% of the entrance fee, due to extra expenses with UPS drivers. 
    • Special benefit for bars, you may set an entrance fee from $1-$1000, so that you can create RP jobs for events without losing huge amounts of cash.
  • Job reward changes:
    • UPS driver:
      • Owned boxville: $350 + 1/5 chance for tip.
      • Unowned boxville: $300 + 1/10 chance for tip
  • When purchasing businesses / houses, the money now gets drawn from the bank account, instead of cash on hand.
  • Changed /useweed, /usecoke and /usemeth to /usedrugs (with side-effects) - Note: The maximum amount of armour you can get from coke and meth is 50.
  • Changed scrapper timer from 5 minutes to 2 minutes (allow up to 3 minutes as the timers are not accurate)
  • Changed the vehicle fuel timer from 50 seconds to 100 seconds (movement = - 2, engine running and no movement = - 1)
  • Changed the fire timer from 50 minutes to 2 hours on request by the faction leader
  • Changed the /siren, /safety and /callsign code structure
  • Changed the values in the damage system


Fixed in this version


  • Fixed the message for /hsafe take (bug report - @Morkva)
  • Fixed the /drink menu (bug report - @Spressed)
  • Fixed /movesafe for organization safes (bug report - @Worm)
  • Fixed the /repaircruiser message (bug report - @Morkva)
  • Fixed /pickhouselock timer (bug report - @Morkva)
  • Fixed the Downtown Bank spot in /gps (bug report - @rochi)
  • Fixed several names in /gps (bug report - @Morkva)
  • Fixed /dice -> if 2 or more are thrown, it will re-roll itself if the outcome is 0 or 1 (bug report - @Montana)
  • Fixed Max Craft Guns variable in the dialog /stats (bug report - @Montana)
  • Fixed /anim usage while cuffed (bug report - @rochi)
  • Fixed a grammatical fault in trucker messages (bug report - @kump)
  • Fixed vehicle respawn on rental vehicles and added /hotwire (bug report - @Worm)
  • Fixed the Smuggler job spot in /jobspots (bug report - @Morkva)
  • Fixed a false command (/gunprices) suggestion in /sellgun (bug report - @Montana)
  • Fixed a bug in /fuel (bug report - @Worm)
  • Fixed health and armor reset after /tazer usage (bug report - @DoranoIS)
  • Fixed a bug with automatic selling houses and businesses with inactive owners
  • Fixed /ado and /ame to appear only above the head (the message you see is only send to you)
  • Fixed spawning if you have /setspawnpoint enabled (if you don't have it set and /quit in an interior, it still can bug sometimes)
  • Fixed walltag positions upon server startup and /tagwall - Note: All existing walltags are removed from the database


Removed in this version

  • Times Arrested in character statistics, as it had no use


This update sends a thanks to:

@Sidney - Lead developer
@Damm - Development

... and all the WC-RP Beta Testers!

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cool! update! I bought the SF tune shop hope to see the new rp i can make with it !

Edited by Ali_Amiri

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1 hour ago, Ali_Amiri said:

cool! update! I bought the SF tune shop hope to see the new rp i can make with it !

That's a weird way to spell "farm money"

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We are working very hard to have the anticheat doing it's job. All bugs reported (for example /lock and /unlock) are to be fixed tonight. When the final release for 3.3.8 will be is yet unknown. We currently reverted the script back to v3.8.7-R2.

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This update is now live again. The arms dealer and drugs dealer jobs have changed; read the change in the server log self.

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