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      Dear players   09/24/17

      Dear West Coast Roleplay community,  I was originally waiting for Fredrik to place this message, as he has more information about this than I do. However, obviously he is very busy and he hasn't been able to make time to properly write to you guys. Therefore I have decided to quickly let everyone know what is happening. As you might have noticed we have decided to close the server. The management has discussed the currents events and, because we want to be able to fully focus on the new script, we shut the server down. This is only temporary, whatsoever! In this closed period we rather let our scripters work on the new script in then just leave the server open without updates and without an active management.  Sadly we have no ETA of the new script yet but I can tell you for know that we will update the forums and inform you all about the new script. We would like to thank everybody who stuck around and tried to make West Coast Roleplay a better place and we are sure that you won't regret it.  Best regards,  West Coast Roleplay management and admin team. 

Post your favorite movie/movies !

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Hero    96
1 minute ago, Slice said:

Nah I don't fuck with SS there's not enough action first 40min are BS the film had such potential but blew it. I find this enchantress shit retarded why couldn't they fight someone else. It's like GoTG I don't like the first movie.

That's one way to picture it if you like breaking down movies into their dust. I enjoyed the idiotic storyline and appreciated their acting and effects lol.

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Jermaine    138
18 hours ago, Foxy said:

These are all great movies, I've seen all the Batman series a thousand times. I saw Suicide Squad in theaters and at home, it's dope.

I wasn't  a real fan of Superheros movies till I watched the Dark knight series it's awesome or as you said "It's dope" :D

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Zach    202
On 6/8/2017 at 8:03 PM, Mrtaylan said:

Into the wild

Very underrated movie. That was a stellar movie.

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Roberto.    34

Fast & Furious [ FULL Series until now].

Anabelle Creation [Beware PG Rated.]

Suicide Squad.

The Life of Oo [or something like this IDK don't remember much]. 

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