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WC-RP In-game Rules

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West Coast Roleplay
In-game Rules:


1. Common Sense

Common Sense


The definition of "Common Sense" is literally using your Common Sense, read under for more information.

Be kind to other players, and think before you type. There is no need to cause an OOC beef in-game. Take that stuff to the forums. Any hateful speech towards the admin team are not tolerated. They are there to help you. 

Roleplay at all times. You are not allowed to break server rules, because you think someone else did it. In regards to that, you should not disrupt, stall or void roleplay unless an admin tells you to. Examples of this is:

  • Filing 100 reports when the players are not deserving of punishment. 
  • Repeatedly refusing to roleplay until an admin comes to your aid after you made a report. Keep roleplaying, we'll be there shortly. 
  • Quitting the game to avoid different circumstances, like getting arrested, being robbed, being kidnapped etc. 

If you're in a roleplay situation, and another player tries to interrupt, or destroy the roleplay OOCly, ignore them, report them, and continue to RP. We'll be there shortly. However if an admin tries to contact you OOCly in the middle of a roleplay, you must respond. Refusing to respond, or doing as the admin says, may result in a punishment. 

The admin team has the final say. If they say that you're doing something you shouldn't do, you must listen, and follow their instructions. It does not matter if it is specifically stated in the rules, or not. You must comply. If you for what ever reason believe a staff member is abusing their power, please report them in the "report an admin" section, and it will be handled by the management within 24 hours. If you have complaints regarding the management, the server owner(s) will respond within 24 hours.

In IC chat, speak only ICly, and in English. If you for what ever reason want to speak another language ICly, you must use /accent to set a language tag to your character. However you must write in English. The only place we allow other languages are in /pm. Do not use internet language ICly (lol, omg, etc). IF you need to go out-of-character, be sure to use /b <text>. 

If you need help with a command, or have general questions, like "Where can I change my clothes?" etc, be sure to use /ask <question>. If you on the other hand have trouble with another player, or encounter a situation that requires an admin, use /report - and we'll be there shortly.

You may be AFK for up to 15 minutes here at WC-RP. After that you get auto-kicked. Do not go AFK in public. If someone attempts to RP with you while you are AFK - you are the one to blame. Not the person attempting to RP with you. So go AFK in public at your own risk. 

Intentionally baiting the police to create a chase / situation with them is forbidden.


- Punishments may vary from a verbal reaction, to an admin-jail or ban, depending on the circumstances. 



2. Metagaming



The definition of "Metagaming" is using information received in an Out-Of-Character manner, In-Character.

This is roleplay 101, do NOT use information you received Out of Character, In Character. This rule applies to both information given to you by other players, as well as their name tags. Also, you may not pass on information you received on one character, to another character. 

Examples of breaking this rule:

  • Fredrik_Damm reads Andrew_Burns' OOC nametag, and roleplays that he now knows him.
  • Fredrik_Damm gains IC knowledge that Thomas_Wyatt is going to be at the parking lot in Santa Maria at 8pm. Fredrik_Damm switches character to Irwin_Ward, who has an IC beef with Thomas_Wyatt, and decides to go there to attack him.
  • Fredrik_Damm sends a PM to Sidney_Leyman and tells him that he's being kidnapped. Sidney_Leyman then changes his IC plans in a way that he can help Fredrik_Damm.
  • * Fredrik_Damm wakes up at the hospital, and begins to think about killing the men who attacked him.

Other underlaying rules:

  • Using VoIP programs, such as Teamspeak, Skype, Ventrilo and Discord to communicate IC whilst in-game is forbidden. The PD, FMD, FBI, and Government faction may use VoIP to discuss and follow up on chases, but their main activity should remain in the IC chat. 
  • You may not spam. This includes all chats and functions both in-game and community wide services.


- Punishments may vary from a verbal reaction, to an admin-jail or ban, depending on the circumstances. 



3. Powergaming



The definition of "Powergaming" is performing roleplay / acts that are not humanlike.

Simple definitions of the term "Powergaming":

  • Forcing roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance.
  • Making up stories that did not happen, so that you can benefit from it.
  • Roleplaying things that are not possible script-wise, so that you can gain an unfair advantage.
  • Roleplaying having non-human like abilities.


  • * Fredrik_Damm crouches down next to the wounded police officer, and steals his gun. (Impossible script-wise)
  • * Fredrik_Damm grabs the Glock located at his waist, and shoots Andrew_Burns in the head, causing him to die. (Forcing roleplay)
  • * Fredrik_Damm gets tazed by the PD, but doesn't even feel it, and keeps running. #beastmode. (Non-human like abilities)
  • Being aimed at, and not RP accordingly.
  • Running away from the police after you've just recently been tazed.
  • Roleplaying that you don't have an object on you, when you in reality do have it on you. (e.g. during /frisk) 

Other underlaying rules:

  • Do not heal during, or right after confrontations, such as fights and shootouts:
    • This includes all drugs.
    • This includes the use of food.
  • You may not advertise illegal items/services using /ad or /bizad. No matter how much you attempt to cover it up. Escorts services are allowed to be advertised, unless otherwise stated from the Government faction. 
  • When withdrawing larger weapons, make sure you do it in a roleplay matter using /me. Do not just scroll them out. 
    • Definition of larger weapons: 
      • golf clubs
      • bats
      • nite sticks
      • shovels
      • pool cues
      • chainsaw (FD)
      • fire extinguisher (FD)
      • shotguns
      • MP5 / Uzi / Tec-9
      • AK47 / M4
      • county rifle
      • sniper rifle
  • When withdrawing a handgun, or any other smaller weapon, you can use /ame instead of /me.
    • Definition of smaller weapons:
      • any remaining weapon not on the list above. 
  • All weapons with the exception of pistols. Deagles, 9mm, etc must be RPLy taken out from where ever following the instructions above.


  • You may not kill someone in wounded mode without permissions from an admin. Use /report to get permission. 
  • You may not "rambo" other players. 
    • Rambo means that you rush other players who are actively shooting at you.
    • You may not shoot at someone without roleplaying doing so, unless there's already an active shootout.
    • Don't assume that your actions will succeed. They may be counter roleplayed. 


- Punishments may vary from a fine, to an admin-jail or ban, depending on the circumstances. 



4. Abuse of GTA physics

GTA Physics


The definition of "Powergaming" is performing roleplay / acts that are not humanlike.

The following actions are forbidden:

  • C-Bugging - using the crouch key to improve the firearms shooting rate.
  • Scrolling - scrolling guns in order to reload them.
  • Bunnyhopping - continuously jumping in order to travel faster.
  • Chicken-running - running zig-zag in order to avoid bullets. Use objects/vehicles to take cover behind.
  • Ninja-jacking - stealing someone's car without roleplay.
  • Vehicle-surfing - standing on top of a vehicle while it is moving. This includes people RPly being in the trunk. Make them occupy a seat instead, or get the mercenary job to actually put them in the trunk.
  • Drive-by from the driver's seat.
  • Drive-by without a driver in the car.


  • You may ride in the back of trucks and boats as well as shoot from the back of the truck.
  • You may have one person surfing on your bike. 


- Punishments may vary from a fine, to an admin-jail or ban, depending on the circumstances. 



5. Safezones



The definition of "Safezone" is an area where no crime may be committed, general harassing included. 

You may not commit any crimes in the following areas, unless permission is given by an admin. This includes selling/giving away illegal items, such as weapons, drugs, illegal items, etc. The safezones are valid 24 hours, and do not start / end at a given time. 

The following areas are defined as safezones:

  • Pershing Square: Court house, Los Santos Police Department, Government building and the surrounding area.
  • The Los Santos Mall and the sidewalks/roads nearby. May be voided during robbery of a business located inside the mall.
  • FBI building and surrounding roads, and sidewalks.
  • San News building, and surrounding roads, and sidewalks.
  • All Saints General Hospital / County General Hospital, surrounding roads, and sidewalks included.
  • (Changed) Pizza Stacks: Parking lot (front and side). The front parking lot may be voided during robbery of the business.
  • Unity Station, surrounding roads, and sidewalks included. May be voided during robbery of a business located in the area.
  • Bank buildings, surrounding roads, and sidewalks included.
  • DMV / Insurance, surrounding roads, and sidewalks included.

* If you initially started a roleplay with someone, and they should some reason move inside a safezone, the roleplay may continue. However no sales/giveouts of any illegal items must happen in safezones.


- Punishments may vary from a warning to an admin-jail or a ban, depending on the circumstances. 



6. Unacceptable roleplay



The definition of "Unacceptable roleplay" is a roleplay situation that the general population looks upon as disgusting, and not acceptable.

Unacceptable roleplay includes:

  • Cannibalism
  • Necrophilia
  • Pedophilia
  • Terroristlike roleplay
  • Sexual harassment (any type of sexual roleplay, includes touching someone inappropriately)
  • Dismemberment

Unless given permission by all parties involved, all of the roleplay situations above are strictly forbidden. If all parties involved grant their permission, the roleplay must at least find place away from everyone else, where the likelihood of other players witnessing the roleplay is very unlikely. Subjecting others to disgusting roleplay, falls under this rule.


- Punishments may vary from an admin-jail to a ban, depending on the circumstances. 



7. Robbery / Scams



The definition of "Robbery" is a roleplay situation where another player attempts to steal from you.

To perform or to participate in a robbery of any sort, all parties involved must have minimum 10 playing hours and rank 2. Use /levelup to rank up.

The robbery rules here at WC-RP allow you to rob a person for up to $5000, as well as any items he has on his body. Hereunder, drugs, weapons, special items, materials etc. There is no limit on how many of the guns, drugs, special items or materials you may take. You may not force a player to hand over ownership of any properties, or vehicles. You may not force a player to withdraw money from the bank account in order for you to rob it. You may not force a player to open his house safe, business safe, or locker for you to rob. You may rob someone's trunk, except money, if the car was with the robbery target when the roleplay started.

When you rob a person, you may not rob the same person again for the next 12 hours. You may not kill the person you are robbing, unless you have kidnapped the person.

Robberies must be performed in a realistic manner. This includes that you have a sensible motivation to be performing the robbery. Players should also not be performing robberies, unless they have a reasonable reason to actually perform robberies. (e.g. wealthy people wouldn't need to perform little reward robberies) You should not be performing high risk / little reward robberies. You should not use unrealistic equipment like expensive assault rifles or sports cars when robbing others, unless it is a part of a bigger RP situation that requires you to have such equipment. You should also not perform robberies in highly populated areas or safezones with many potential witnesses. 


The definition of "Scams" is a roleplay situation where another player attempts to trick you.

You may scam other players for up to $100,000 if the player has more than 250 playing hours. Use /id to check someone's playing hours. You may not scam someone on the cost of their house or business.


- Punishments may vary from a warning to an admin-jail or a ban, depending on the circumstances. 




8. Furniture system



The definition of "Furniture System" is anything related to the custom furniture script available inside and outside of houses.

General rules:

  • You may not make walls around your property, unless it can be done in a way that it looks as if it was a part of the house in the game originally.
  • You may not place furniture on other people's land, in the road, or on the sidewalk. 
  • You may not use furniture to hover above ground. The anti-cheat will ban you for air breaking, and the ban is final.
  • If you see a house with non-rply placed furniture, please /report so that the admin team can deal with it as soon as possible.


- Punishments may vary from a ban from using furnitures, to an admin-jail, and even to a permanent ban, depending on the circumstances. 



9. General faction rules everyone should know



The definition of "Faction" at WC-RP is any faction pre-made by the script, hereunder LSPD, FBI, Goverment, Hitman, LSFMD and San News.

Rubber bullets:

  • Driveby with rubber bullets is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Players driving a motorbike may not be shot by rubber bullets if traveling faster than 30 mph.
  • May not be used on an armed suspect facing you, or any other LEO/civilian's  way.
  • May not be used instead of /tazer on an unarmed person in a foot pursuit.


  • May not be used on people in water.
  • May not be used if the suspect is further than approximately 5 meters away, take lag into consideration. 
  • May not be used on an armed suspect facing you, or any other LEO/civilian's  way.

M4 usage:

  • LEO may only use the M4 if the suspects are returning fire with weapons of similar caliber.
    • The M4 may be used if the suspect is seen having: MP5, Tec-9, Uzi, AK47, M4, Country Rifle & Sniper Rifle.
  • The M4 usage rule may not be waived by any faction member. 
  • If SWAT is enabled, the M4 usage rule is voided, but only by members of the SWAT team.

San News:

  • The San News faction may not be hacked, unless approved by the faction manager, or a higher ranked administrator.

Factions in general:

  • You may not raid a faction HQ without approval from a faction administrator, or a higher ranked administrator.


- Punishments may vary from a warning to an admin-jail or a ban, depending on the circumstances. 



10. Farming



The definition of "Farming" is using commands in-game to gain an unfair advantage, due to doing the same action over and over again.

Here at WC-RP we have a strict policy on farming. Hereunder: skill and money farming. If caught abusing commands, or logging in from multiple computers in order to gain more skills / earn more money, you will be banned, and your character and all characters involved will be deleted if unbanned. If you encounter any possible ways to generate skills, or money unfairly, be sure to contact an admin. If caught abusing these commands, you will be banned from the WC-RP services.


- Punishments may vary from a ban from using furnitures, to an admin-jail, and ban, depending on the circumstances. 



11. Deathmatch


The definition of "Deathmatch" is killing another person without sufficient roleplay reason.

Unnecessary provoking falls under this rule as well. Terrorism is forbidden, unless approved before by lead admin+.

This rule also includes revenge killing, which means killing someone simply because they killed you. When you get killed your memory is wiped from all RP leading up to the moment you were killed. This includes knowledge of any person / group of people involved in killing you.

If the LSFMD manages to save you, you may RP memory of your attackers, and the RP leading up to the attack.

If you are killed, and you do not know the reason, you may use /report, and an admin will clarify why.

Only members of the Hitman faction can do contract kills, unless otherwise has been approved by a faction/organization manager+.



12. Third Party Modifications



The definition of "Third Party Modification" is any files in your GTA San Andreas folder, or that may effect your game in any way, that did not come from the game install itself, or from installing SA-MP 0.3.DL.


Using third party modifications at WC-RP that may give you an unfair advantage, is forbidden. Be ware of this before you install modifications. If we find out that you are using any modifications that may give you any unfair advantages, you will be permanently banned. If you have suspicions that someone might be using illegal modifications, you are obligated to report them. If you in any way help them, or attempt to make them use their modifications in your favor, you will also be permanently banned from WC-RP's services. Ban evading by changing your IP goes under this rule, and will get you a firewall ban (all WC-RP services will be unavailable, forever). If you ban evade to gain the administrator who banned you's attention, for example to encourage them to look at your ban appeal, the ban appeal will be instantly denied.


  • Keybinds are allowed.
  • Camera Hack may be used, but only under supervision from management. 
  • Skins that change the average height, width, etc of GTA:SA's original skins and objects are forbidden.
  • We encourage you not to use skin mods, as 0.3.DL allows custom skins that are distributed by the server. 


- Punishment: Permanent Ban. 



13. VPNs



Connecting to WC-RP's services should only be done through your network. Using VPNs or similar services to mask your IP, is not permitted. 


  • If you for some reason can not connect to WC-RP's services without using a VPN, please contact us, and we'll grant you permission. Remember that in this case, it's better to ask for permission, then for forgiveness. Contact anyone in the management, and we will add a special note to your account letting all our admins know that you have been granted permission.

- Punishment: Permanent Ban. 


In-game Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

By playing WC-RP, you must follow these rules, as well as instructions given by the admin team.



Edited by John
Rule modify: Pistols are now allowed to be AP'd. Everything else still must be roleplayed.
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