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Statistics for week 05 | 2019

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Community statistics: 

New forum users this week: 131
New topics: 217
New comments: 1372

New VIPs this week: 7 (@arbiter, @MalibuCola, @ALittleBean, @Nordin, @Lecanora, @Vortrex, @Kellicia_Williams)

In-Game fun statistics: 

Most money on hand: 

1. Louis_Watson
2. Arlo_Mannik
3. Rebecca_Johnson
4. William_Rogers_John
5. Koza_Rony

Most money in bank:

1. Jamie_Crowe
2. Vasile_Kuznetsov
3. Katsumoto_Kyoto
4. Michael_Carter
5. Tom_Kany

Most loyalty medals:

1. Sterling
2. Twenzy
3. Jasir
4. SamYu
5. Kennno

Other in-game statistics:

Most players in-game: 110 = February 2nd: [21:50:41] [join] Joseph_Bismarck has joined the server (110)

Total users: 4601
New users this week: 564
Total characters: 9155
New characters this week: 958
Total in-game bans: 255
New bans this week: 97
Total player cars: 2131
New player cars  this week: 271

Total commands done in-game: 1,473,772


Helper Team statistics:
Total questions answered (/ask): 5828


Admin statistics:
Total /reports accepted: 6981
Total /reports denied: 505
Total /reports marked as invalid: 464

What other statistics would be fun to see next time? Comment below! :)

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Damn that is crazy.

I would like to see next time a "most played" players on the server - per hours, days, weeks, months and years (for example also most active play in a row on the server).

Forum statistic would be a good idea too, for example: most liked, most reputations, active forum members, most posts, most complaints made on forums etc.

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32 minutes ago, arbiter said:

oh boy i was mentioned 

me too ❤️ but not in the richest people section feelsbadman

Edited by SausageSam

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Who answered most number of questions or the most active helper should be on the list.

Edited by Jasir

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Dope as fuck, much respect to the admin team and especially to the scripter Sidney who puts in alot of time for the server. :) 

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