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      Dear players   09/24/17

      Dear West Coast Roleplay community,  I was originally waiting for Fredrik to place this message, as he has more information about this than I do. However, obviously he is very busy and he hasn't been able to make time to properly write to you guys. Therefore I have decided to quickly let everyone know what is happening. As you might have noticed we have decided to close the server. The management has discussed the currents events and, because we want to be able to fully focus on the new script, we shut the server down. This is only temporary, whatsoever! In this closed period we rather let our scripters work on the new script in then just leave the server open without updates and without an active management.  Sadly we have no ETA of the new script yet but I can tell you for know that we will update the forums and inform you all about the new script. We would like to thank everybody who stuck around and tried to make West Coast Roleplay a better place and we are sure that you won't regret it.  Best regards,  West Coast Roleplay management and admin team. 
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Mike_Smithson [Fire Department]

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Application Titles should be: Lastname, Firstname [Fire or EMS Application]


Los Santos Fire & Medical Department
Application Format


Personal Information

Gender: Male

First Name:Mike

Surname: Smithson

Date of Birth: 18

County of Birth: West Indies


House Number:32

House Address: Las Collinas Rd.

Area of Address: Las Collinas


Phone Number:347965

Email Address (This is only WC-RP email addresses):abdullahtariq@hotmail.com

Nationality:West Indian

Ethnic Origin:African


Previous Experiences


Job Reference 1:Mechanic

Reason for leaving was that I did not have the required skills

Job Reference 2: Street Cleaner

I want to start a new career

Job Reference 3 [If needed]: N/A






What department do you wish to apply for?: [Fire/EMS]: Fire


What is your reason for joining the LSFMD? [150+ Words]:I wan't to become LSFMD because it is an extremely important Government job. It is a lifeline for all the citizens of Los Santos and the surrounding areas. I think it is extremely important to have a medical team that will respond to someone who is in need of help, and serve them as they should be served. It is important that people can get the medical care they need, when they need it, from just checkups to surgery. It's always important to have medical care in your grasp. Medical care is considered one of the most prized things in the USA. Lets keep it that way.I got all my requirements to join LSFMD.


What skills can you bring to the LSFMD? [50+ Words]:I will and try my best to respond to every emergency situation. My ability to reach every emergency as fast as possible. No life should be wasted on my watch.I have some mechanic knowledge So if there is any problem with the department vehicles I will be availabe to serve.


What are your Strengths? {3 list}:

Physically fit

Able to act in different kind of situations

Good memory

What are your Weaknesses? {3 list}:


Cannot take life risking decisions

High BP


OOC Information



Time of your Location: [EST or GMT]:GMT


Stats:[09:39:44] *___________ Stats of Mike Smithson - 18:39:21 - 12.08.2017 __________*
[09:39:44] Invite Tokens:[0] Level:[1] Sex:[Male] Cash:[$1,277] Bank:[$22,461] Spouse:[No-One]
[09:39:44] Special Rank:[None] Donate Points:[0] Phone:[347965] LottoNr:[0] Job:[Trash Cleaner]
[09:39:44] Current Paycheck:[$1,750] WT Chan:[0] Furniture Tokens:[0]
[09:39:44] Wanted Level:[0] Times Arrested:[0] Fight Style:[Normal] Walk Style:[None]
[09:39:44] Next level prize:[$2,000] Respect:[5/8] Special Item:[None] Hunger:[79]
[09:39:44] Cigars:[0] Lock Picks:[0] Pot:[0 Gram] Coke:[0 Gram] Meth:[0 Gram]
[09:39:44] Materials A:[0] Materials B:[0] Materials C:[0] Materials D:[0]
[09:39:44] Playing Hours:[6] NewbChat Rank:[Newbie] RP Medals:[0]
[09:39:44] Admin jails:[0] Kicks:[0] Bans[0] Player Wealth:[46,738]

(Sorry i had a issue when I press F8 it said unable to save screenshot)


Roleplay Skills:Medium because of my good english

Edited by Mike_smithson

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KraTuS    8


Greetings, Applicant.

We have seen your application thoroughly and decided to put it on PENDING.

The following are the reasons your application is on hold:

  • (( You mixed IC and OOC in "What skills can you bring to the LSFMD?" Please fix it. ))
  • (( Please upload and full picture of your /stats, do not edit ))

You've got 46 hours to fix the errors told above, if you do not update your application will automatically be denied.

Kind Regards,

LSFMD Recruitment and Training Team.

Edited by KraTuS

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KraTuS    8


Greetings, Applicant.

We have seen your application thoroughly and decided to APPROVE your application.

We will be glad to invite you into our Department, looking forward to do so. 

Call 911 to setup an interview with one of the Recruitment Team. Thank you for your precious time and co-operation. 

Kindest Regards,

L.S.F.M.D Recruitment Team.

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