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      Dear players   09/24/17

      Dear West Coast Roleplay community,  I was originally waiting for Fredrik to place this message, as he has more information about this than I do. However, obviously he is very busy and he hasn't been able to make time to properly write to you guys. Therefore I have decided to quickly let everyone know what is happening. As you might have noticed we have decided to close the server. The management has discussed the currents events and, because we want to be able to fully focus on the new script, we shut the server down. This is only temporary, whatsoever! In this closed period we rather let our scripters work on the new script in then just leave the server open without updates and without an active management.  Sadly we have no ETA of the new script yet but I can tell you for know that we will update the forums and inform you all about the new script. We would like to thank everybody who stuck around and tried to make West Coast Roleplay a better place and we are sure that you won't regret it.  Best regards,  West Coast Roleplay management and admin team. 
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Tarek Ghani | Job Application

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Nordin    0



I. I First name(s): Tarek

I. II Surname: Ghani

I. III Date of birth: 27th April 1997

I. IV Gender: Man

I. V Place of residence: Marina

I. VI E-mail address: Tarek_Ghani@OGmail.com

I. VII Contact number: 788815


II. I Do you possess a valid driver's license? Yes [X] No [ ]

II. II Do you have a criminal record? Yes [ ] No [X]

II. III Do you have any experience in the media industry? Yes [X] No [ ]

II. IV Explain in detail why you wish to join San News and what you believe you could bring to the company: My father suppose to be a employee of CNN, but after some financial cuts at CNN his job became unnecessary and he was forced to quit his job. I always been a man of the media industry and have done several internships at CNN, in the time that I went to school. After I succeed for my training to becoming a Media Producer I started working at CNN. But after being there for almost half a year, my job as executive at the newspaper department isn't that exciting anymore at CNN. I hope I could work at a greater company, such as San News.


III. I In-game name: Tarek_Ghani (charactername)

III. II Age: 19

III. III How long have you been part of WC-RP? Since 3 years ago, I think.

III. IV Have you ever been in San News before? Yes, quite a while ago as Head Producer.

III. V Do you have experience and/or do you work in the media industry in real life? None, but I have some experience with San News.

III. VI Post a screenshot of your character's /stats. The screenshot must be unedited.


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Adding San News banner

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FrenchFry    48



*Frank opens up the sannews.com/career*

*Frank rodgers shifts his gaze on the monitors and moves both hands on the keyboard.*


From: Frank Rodgers

To : Tarekghani@ogmail.com


Tarek Ghani's- San News Application




We have received Your application for employment. We'll contact you via phone in order for us to move ahead in our selection process. Thank you for your cooperation. 

You can contact me for an interview.

790777 is the suitable number to call.



 Frank Rodgers

Network Producer

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