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      Dear West Coast Roleplay community,  I was originally waiting for Fredrik to place this message, as he has more information about this than I do. However, obviously he is very busy and he hasn't been able to make time to properly write to you guys. Therefore I have decided to quickly let everyone know what is happening. As you might have noticed we have decided to close the server. The management has discussed the currents events and, because we want to be able to fully focus on the new script, we shut the server down. This is only temporary, whatsoever! In this closed period we rather let our scripters work on the new script in then just leave the server open without updates and without an active management.  Sadly we have no ETA of the new script yet but I can tell you for know that we will update the forums and inform you all about the new script. We would like to thank everybody who stuck around and tried to make West Coast Roleplay a better place and we are sure that you won't regret it.  Best regards,  West Coast Roleplay management and admin team. 
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Protest at Idlewood - from words to firearms!

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toptal    11


Idlewood stacks - a public place where people come to relax, have a drink - chill in other words. However today it wasn't the same, as always. Lets' go step by step over the today protest.

The day started as always: people going to job, school, college etc. However around 16:00 the things started changing. First of all, the man with his face covered appeared on the street. He was shouting out protest slogans, such as 'F*** tha police', 'Heck cops' etc. Few minutes after he pushed two cars from nearby to the road blocking it. 


In a short while he was supported by few more people.


The group was increasing at a very fast rate and the road finally turned into some sort of a battlefield.


Then the police started to arrive. Firstly, there was only one car. But then more units started to arrive from all around the city.



Some time later the police started ordering people to ''Clear the F***in' road''. These orders were not accepted by the protestants and then the police forces started using force. They started using tasers without many warnings, then stuntsticks and pepper sprays started their duty and a major fight started.



We were trying to get any comments but officers were just escaping us promising to talk later.


Then we noticed the use of lethal force. Some authorities took out their weapons and did few shots. 


The response didn't make us wait for itself. Shortly after, a group of armed people appeared on the street but they were shot right then.




The protest was supressed by the Los Santos Police Department. We feel sorry for the ones who lost their only lives today in Los Santos.






Lets' hope that this case will not cause any more tension between the citizens and police...

Article by

Charlie Lee Frost

Stefano Carleone


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Agent47    4
5 hours ago, Roberto. said:

((Agent47 this is IC - You cannot OOC it)) ((Put your Thanks :) in brackets, please)) (( <3 )) 

((Oops missed them sorry and thanks for informing))

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