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  1. Changing my name to Gemmas Richman, Kiara was admin at the time and she didn't want to tp me back to ls or something. I took her name (Her admin name was Gemma, she kept /nrn'ing me whenever I had "Gemma"). I then proceeded to have cybersex with everybody and believed me to be her, so I remember getting a few free shit from ppl and I tried to open a Turtle Watching faction.
  2. The system is being reworked currently.
  3. He got unbanned. Within 1 hr, he got banned. Then proceeded to /gout troll, car ram the PD, and drive inside their garage and got permabanned on all platforms :3.
  4. how do i pm u

  5. Oh that's unfortunate. #BarOfSoap.
  6. Proof he killed me in a sz, and proof he /q to avoid death:



    1. rochi


      House is in a safezone, near stacks - i can show you.

    2. Alabama


      According to the player, he /q'd because you were returning to DM him. I believe the player considering you exposed yourself for RKing and DMing.

    3. rochi


      I tried to get revenge because he killed me in a safezone

  7. necks longer than lspd in a gunfight
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