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  1. Very funny, carrot man.
  2. So dead nobody bothered to make a thread about it being dead until now.
  3. So, Martin and his friends from the Linnuvabrik Mob (who don't even have a damn organisation thread anymore) have come to a turf war and gotten into a war with The East Los Santos Crew and Congress Park, that's all fine. We downed Martin, who then proceeded to be 'helped up' and HEAL HIMSELF IN A TURFWAR, under the guise that he was 'shot in the arm', after which he then downed Dominic Rigazzi as a result of the abusal of commands and healing in a turf war. Any other person would have been warned, but since he is an Administrator (AND SHOULD KNOW THE RULES BETTER THAN ANYONE) as decided to essentially laugh about it after complaints. This is outrageous and there should be a punishment or reprimand handed out.
  4. Dapper

    Hit me up on Discord.

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      i need to get ridda all this red tape so i need 30k of your money to unfreeze my assets back in nigeria man

      we also need you to change yo shit to navarro sanitation /s

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      fuckin scam bro

    4. Dapper


      But for real though, when I catch you in-game I'll hit you up.

  5. The entire Kingdom Hearts series, definitely.
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