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  1. Long time yet no activity has been marked.
  2. Dont actually watch football unless Croatia plays. And my favorite player is Luka Modrić. When it comes to handball its the same thing. Favorite handball player Ivano Balić but he retired sadly.
  3. Good introduction, @Mrtaylan @Echoes can answer that.
  4. Ayy sup, nice avatar.
  5. Waddup bro, hope to see u ingame.
  6. I hope you dont do something bad.
  7. Sad to see Gunhawk go, it really is. But im gonna keep in touch with him since he is a very good friend of mine.
  8. Jamal wallace here at ur gsf service
  9. Nice to meet you man, enjoy your stay.
  10. Obviously i'll vote for guns in turfs.
  11. Thanks for stopping by, all good.
  12. I don't do English. But i'll try cause the title is in English. No.
  13. Welcome, hope to see you ig sometime !
  14. I get around 291ish to 310ish fps.