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  1. Sons

    Delete mats?

    Exactly, mats is very outdated option. Could be faction weapon or you can get guns by admins like on ls rp, but it does not have to be like that. Could be nice to see more realistic thing - I mean, you need some stuff to do gun for example deagle - it's fun and more realistic roleplay not like on mats with non-rp behaviour and MG. Doing drugs like here could be stay, because it's nice - something like that on singleplayer. Certainly, can add drugs distribution here with what is here, create other narco and will be great.
  2. Sons

    Delete mats?

    Realistic too, but not only - Mats it's very outdated way and it's a little cancer with MG and other non-rp behaviour. Could you describe how it will look?
  3. No matters - have to cool
  4. Sons


    W jakiś frakcjach gracie?
  5. Maybe... replace it with something else or complete removal? What you think about this suggestion?
  6. That's good point, but you know for example hard roleplay servers they are very realistic or too realistic and peoples will be know, that will be more strictly rules and it doesn't mean it, that peoples are the best roleplayers here, because it isn't, much peoples can have less roleplay experiences or level, someone could don't know how to play etc So.... it's not peoples rp-levels or something like that, but rules or gameplay will be more or less stricly/funnier - that's the point
  7. It's a bad thinking about light rp servers, because many peoples thinking, that is like horizon or some shit, but isn't - horizon is rather gang wars with little rp or cops and robberies with little rp. If more peoples posting what they are thinking about light/medium/hard roleplay - I will write what is it according to me with good thinking, but I agree with you, that light rp servers it's some like RPG or they have some RPG elements.
  8. What do you think is the difference between: dynamic, light, medium, hard and hardcore roleplay? I invite you to the discussion, so let's talk about it.
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