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  1. ((It wasn't because his wife got sick eating pizzas, it was fast food in general ))
  2. You if you get arrested now your record is still clear?
  3. Nobody on the server now is an OG lmao
  4. Good to see people getting into their characters, good job.
  5. Just so you know, the crime record doesn't keep things people have been arrested for, just deleted crimes
  6. What's in the bank should definitely be part of this, the entire wealth of the company should play part; I think you're just trying to win now so I'm out, you know what I was saying, so does everyone else; the general idea has been put in place, there is no need for any more arguing over semantics.
  7. Yes, but I multiplied the bank value by 10, therefore giving a COMPANY evaluation, not a whats in your bank evaluation, it's the most basic of basic valuations in business, and is used in the REAL WORLD, confirmed to work. 10x might be a bit off, but, it should definitely be MORE than what's in the bank, not equal.
  8. How does a stock increase in value? 1 stock should never = 1% of a companies bank/assets, do you really think Apple have 800 billion in the bank?
  9. I get what you're saying NOW, but you DID say that the company should be valued at 1:1 then changed your mind to make me look dumb, just making yourself look stupid, can you not see that? idk if you done it purposely though, that's what I'm asking
  10. Do you even know what you're saying or just speaking bullshit? Because this clearly says 1:1 in the same comparison to my 1:10
  11. Yea, but the true value isn't 1:1 the companies bank, it's more like 1:2.5 IRL, and we all know that the economy on SAMP is inflated, in an hour if you can make 50k doing trash cleaner it's definitely inflated more than 4 times, so my 1:10 was just a top of the head number, if you want to actually do the maths, it's definitely not 1:1 in real life, and definitely not 1:2.5 on the server, so could you explain why my 1:10 is a terrible idea, and your 1:1 isn't?
  12. How would someone buying into a company break the stocks? 1 percent to 10 percent was just top of the head numbers obviously they're not the exact ones we would use. Also: We don't want people to 'break even' buying a company, You always over-value a company, say you made 1,000,000 in a year, the company is reasonably valued at 2.5 million in real life, this is just an exaggeration of that, if my company made 1 million, I'm not selling it for a million, then I'd be retarded.
  13. There should be an ability to buy stocks in a company, stocks should be worked in percentages, were 1 percent is worth 10 percent of what is in the company bank account, therefore making the owner of the company not want to take everything out, but you can only buy stocks 2 weeks after a company is created, allowing bigger and better companies to buy out the smaller fish. Say my company has 1 million in the bank, 1 percent of my stock is worth 100 thousand so I'd try to keep my bank over the amount someone would reasonably pay.
  14. this is dishonest