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  1. English in the application is very bad plus you're RP screens are RPing by yourself with 1-4 lines of text.
  2. RP screens would really help you out.
  3. Denied. The players involved in this family are too trigger happy and center around gun play, from the screens I can see you can RP when you want to but it's not a reflection of what actually goes on IG.
  4. Denied.
  5. Denied.
  6. Accepted - Need legal fams.
  7. Denied.
  8. Denied.
  9. No. This kid joined yesterday.
  10. As a player I'm against guns in turfs but I've given the go-ahead for this vote. If FOR wins then we'll allow guns in turfs but I will be drafting rules/ engagement rules for turfs. Before making these rules official I'll post them for players to scrutinise but I'll have final say on the rules.
  11. Pez Mas Grande
  12. You clearly don't know how statistics and facts work. Opinion is ones belief whereas a fact can be proven with evidence, Ok you might have a few people asking/ admitting but throwing out false statistics is just exaggeration. Imo you're mad at me for hating on your mapping lol, if I see something I like I support it. This even rubs off IG you were hired by me for a hit yet IG you ignore me like the RP was voided because I dislike SOME of your mapping.
  13. A fact isn't an opinion. Please stop exaggerating I'm on the latter end of the spectrum and actually believe not that many people aimbot.
  14. Family under REVIEW - This family has been re-created on another server. The owner can choose to stay or go.
  15. because donation money