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  1. How old are you?: I'm 17 years of age What is your account name and your most used IC character? : Milly | Derick West Why do you want to join the team? To me I see my self as a Kind , Helping young man who likes to help everyone that's in need of help, After playing this server for the past summer days , I've decided to take a role as a helper in this server. I'm willing to help this server in many different ways to see it reach its common goal , For that is i'm prepared to help guide new players through out the server with the server script and roles as i'm familier with the pretty script , A patient, kind and polite person...I'd also like to guide the low level rp'ers who usually get confused with their rping skills and knowledge.. I'm willing to put a helping hand within this server. What benefit would we have in choosing you, over someone else?: I really don't see my self competing or comparing myself with others but I know i have what it takes to help this community in all kinds off situation , I've been playing this server for 3 years and i know all i can do is help players who are in need of help with the script whether through good or bad. Have you been a staff member on any other game server(SAMP, or something else): How long have you been playing WCRP?: I've been playing for over 2-3 years i think What is your time zone (GMT), and average hours online?: UTC-04:00 I'm mostly on this server for 6 hours a day Where are you from? St Vincent And The Grenadines How did you learn english? I'm living in on an English speaking Island (Post a screenshot of how many words per minute you can write)