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  1. West Coast Roleplay version 3.8.9 - release date: March 19, 2019 Added in this version A new payday system as described in the important message (use /paycheck to get more information). A cooldown to the /locker, /give and /hsafe /osafe /bsafe commands. Added discord support. Use /togglediscord to enable the chat channel, and use /dc <message> to write. You can respond in our Discord Server too. Warning: The in-game rules and discord rules still apply. With this we added 911 calls and fire reports for the LSFD faction; Changes in this version Changed the roleplay test to have 1 chance instead of 3. Changed two questions in the roleplay test. Fixed in this version Fixed a bug with house reloading (this must fix the house safe and furniture bug too). Plants now are visible when you plant them in your house, and must save and load correctly. Improvements to Pablo, we love him so much. Fixed a bug where LSPD and LSFD could not place, edit or remove custom objects. Removed in this version Nothing removed in this version. This update sends a thanks to: @Sidney - Lead developer @Damm - Development ... and all the WC-RP Beta Testers!
  2. The registration system was disabled on march 15 and will be re-opened when the new update is released. In order to join the server you are required to have an invitation token. How do I get one? Simply PM an official staff member on our discord server and he will make sure it's forwarded to the right person. This person will create you a personal invitation token, and this will be sent to you in a private message on discord. How do I enter it in the server? Once you got your invitation token you will be provided an ID number and a password. Connect to the server Fill in the ID number in the first box (for example: 1) Fill in the password connected with the ID of the token (for example: password) Complete the roleplay test Create an account Good to go, welcome to West Coast Roleplay! What if I completely fail the registration test? Take some time to read roleplay guides, make sure you read the server rules and then try again. The token I received is not working, what do I do? Make sure you have entered the right ID and the right password connected to that token. If it still is not working, then contact a staff member of the Management team and that person will create a new token for you.
  3. This update is now live again. The arms dealer and drugs dealer jobs have changed; read the change in the server log self.
  4. We are working very hard to have the anticheat doing it's job. All bugs reported (for example /lock and /unlock) are to be fixed tonight. When the final release for 3.3.8 will be is yet unknown. We currently reverted the script back to v3.8.7-R2.
  5. yes, or do you want me to tl;dr?
  6. Report it then so I can fix it
  7. Sidney

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    Lekker amsterdam bekladden met geil-groen
  8. Sidney

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    Welke wedstrijd? 🤐
  9. Why denied?

  10. Dear Rochi Thanks for giving me so much attention. I will review the bug reports tomorrow, or when I have time because me and Damm are very busy with the new updates, so please have a little patience and you will be rewarded when the bug has actually been reviewed. I would also like to thank you for making West Coast Roleplay better and bug free. I will reply to your topic when time allows me.
  11. Admins can still see it and take appropriate action if the death was considered as DM. @Morkva @Lecanora
  12. West Coast Roleplay version 3.8.7 - release date: February 10, 2019 (now live) Added in this version - Added two new options in /settings: Display /stats in chat, and disable 'F' key to enter/exit interiors. - Added /plantinfo to check information on your plant. - Added /drawcard for Blackjack RP. - Added /blindfold - you can remove the blindfold yourself, as long as you're not tied up. - Added a new electronic store interior, made by @Worm - You can now get a completely empty house. Just /report when you see a senior admin+ online. - Added a working elevator in the building next to the Skate Park. - Faction updates: Added /gunrack, /togglef, /rubberbullets, /plantdestroy. (LSPD) Some vehicle models spawn with more HP. (LSPD) Edited the LSPD /equip menu. (LSPD) Added /siren and /safety for undercover vehicles (please report to me if a vehicle is missing). (LSPD) Changed the LSPD rank names and balanced the faction payout. (LSPD) Tazer and rubber bullets are now excluded from the damage system, it deals little damage. (LSPD) LSPD can now /take SpecialItem. (LSPD) Added new custom skins. (LSPD) Added /suspend and /unsuspend. (offline commands: /osuspend, /ounsuspend) (General) Added /rlow and /dlow. (General) Added /checkpulse, /cpr, /stabilize and /deliverpatient. (LSFD) Changes in this version - Local /b chat is even more reduced. - Chat radius reduced if you're talking in a vehicle with windows up. - Changed /bbshotgun to /rubberbullets. - /repair now requires you to wait 30 seconds, and the skill does not level up if you use it on your own vehicle. - /plantpot, /plantcoke, /harvest, /plantdestroy now have animations and roleplay messages. - Reduced the job change timer to 30 minutes. - /hotwire, /pickcarlock now have roleplay messages. - Changed some stuff with /gamble. - You now only have to use /lock and /unlock if you're next to your vehicle. - /MP3player now has the option to use custom urls. Will come to biz, house, garage, etc at a later time. - /robbiz now only sets your wanted level if the robbery succeeded. - Changed the object ID for wall tags, so that they don't have a collision. - Reduced the furniture distance outside houses to 15 meters. - The refund message upon death now shows which weapons you lost (good for screenshot-refunds). - /sellcar is now limited based on character playing hours. If your character is below 10 playing hours, a minimum price of $2,000 is required. - /pay is now limited based on character playing hours. If your character is below 10 playing hours, the limit in /pay is $10,000. ** ** Spamming the /pay command results in an appropiate punishment depending on the situation. - Itemdropping is NOT allowed if you're near the gun factory. - Edited the LSPD exterior mapping, and added a nicer garage door for them. Fixed in this version - Fixed the /selldrugs command. (Bug report) - Fixed the caller hangup animation bug. (Bug report) - Fixed the F4 death bug. (Bug report) - Fixed the bug where trailers would respawn. - Fixed the /wt empty message bug. - Fixed the /hotwire system. - Fixed the /mask removal bug when dying in Paintball. - (Unconfirmed) Fixed the Uber & Taxi sign bug. - Fixed the /loadvan command for personal Boxvilles. - Fixed the pilot job. (Bug report) - Fixed a bug in radios, where the stream wouldn't stop upon exiting a house or business. - Fixed a bug where weapons could be duplicated using /sellgun and /drop gun. - Fixed the vehicle damage system. It must reset to 300.0 HP now. Removed in this version - Removed /tabletad and /tabletbizad. Use /ad and /bizad instead. - Removed /card. - Removed the killer name on the refund message when you die. - Removed BMX'es from the dealerships. This update sends a thanks to: @Sidney - Lead developer @Damm - Development @Worm - New official mapper @Gunhawk - Beta testing + ideas @Carter - Beta testing + ideas @TomK - Beta testing @kemoelmageck2 - Bug reports @rochi - Bug reports @Worm - Bug reports @Harold Sixx - Bug reports @Arn - Bug reports And everyone else who has reported bugs to us! Thank you!
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