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  1. https://www.sa-mp.com/download.php last link on the website.
  2. Just go with da flow at this point.~.~
  3. Getting DDOS by an admin (who i will not name) and then later climbing the ranks and 1 year later taking lead admin and they quit. cuz I outranked them. I got -1 flags aka every server /admin cmd and just had fun reading what each did.
  4. 99.9% of all traffic stop at wc-rp be like............
  5. cool! update! I bought the SF tune shop hope to see the new rp i can make with it !
  6. Ali_Amiri

    Modern art

    Wow, Pitu your BMX and Art career is taking off. *claps* well done. 9.99 out of 10.
  7. Idk where you live but it's not supposed to be easy to get illegal weapons genius.....
  8. Some noobs did that too me today it just ended up in an admin battle since they didn't have a clear understanding of rules.......gg let's see what u can bring to the table >:)
  9. You need to pay for child support if you gonna touch me again. ~.~
  10. You know what's fun as hell..... while looking at my SS for a refund I just came across a SS of yours and I laughed wishing you were here and ironically you are!!!wtf hahahahah i think a hacker got in your account at the time not sure but here is the ss hahahah
  11. Hey all, Ali Amiri here Jamie told me about wc-rp relaunch so now I'm here and i've taken a peek IG. Although I've snooped around I'm on the border of re-devoting my time since when the original wc-rp closed I was just heartbroken and all the fake re attempts were a waste of time and just insult to injury. I see somethings IG wasn't there sadly from the old wc which I assume was just copyright mapping/scripting that was done but that's okay I'm more in it for the community. I just wanted to throw this "fish line" of a post to see how the community is here and whether I can let go of the past. My previous duty in the original wcrp was EMS/FD Leader & Lead Admin for about 2 years give or take. I honestly have no interest in making IG content/money/jobs but my interest is the community & administration I want to know what makes you stay here? And if you were from the past wcrp what made you come back? Were you upset or heartbroken that it closed or happy? o.o And if you are new here I want to hear what makes you stay here in this very old game? o.o
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