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  1. Well I aint playing anymore but I highly disagree. In real life gangsters are mostly in gangs, and where do you get guns anyway? Friends, Gang, Blackmarket. You aint getting a rifle in 24/7 here, so you must ask a friend or illegal families. Thats the whole point of official families or did I miss something here?
  2. Well I'll leave, the rp here is small to non existing. All I see all day are people getting robbed and trigger happy people. Im out, bye. Hope you guys fix this shit and good luck on that.
  3. I agree. To many guns make to many problems in my point of view, or at least lock bigger guns, so you can defend yourself and not go on a killing spree.
  4. I agree, rp the gun fear. But there are other options to resist, rp your way through. Scream for help or something like that. I personly would scream irl
  5. Then they QQ around and sometimes find a IC'ly reason to kill me... But I never give up hope Haha-...
  6. Thank you
  7. Haha, as long I can rp my duty im fine with that haha.
  8. Well, hello there. My name is Thomas and just joined the server that I randomly picked out. I live in germany near cologne. My first impression is that many people mg around here, and as a medic many people just ask to revive them instead of rping (kind of sad tbh) but overall people are friendly as fuck. My goal is to be head of fractions and my way up there is by joining fractions and gaining ranks. I hope I can bring more rp into the lsfmd and server. Sorry for my bad english, has been a loooong time since I had to use it
  9. Los Santos Fire & Medical Department Personal Information Gender: Male First Name: Macrus Surname: Snyder Date of Birth: 06.27.1982 County of Birth: Canada, Vancouver House Number: Room 4B House Address: Idlewood str. Area of Address: Idlewood Motel Phone Number: 464028 Email Address (This is only WC-RP email addresses):MSynder@westroleplay.com Nationality: American Ethnic Origin: White/Canadian Previous Experiences Job Reference 1: Volunteer firefighter (from age: 10 to 18) Job Reference 2: Taxi Driver (6 months) Job Reference 3 [If needed]: The reasons for Leaving? Moving to the United States of American Questionaire What department do you wish to apply for?: [Fire/EMS] What is your reason for joining the LSFMD? [150+ Words]: Well as a kid back in canada I did join the scouts and learn much about fire and even gained small knowldge of first aid, you know stick spints and medical herbs. From there on I joined the volunteer fire fighters in Vancouver, there I learned a lot about advanced medical Aid and advanced fire fighting. This was the time where my intrest in EMS/FD started. I like the feeling when you help someone who is in need of it and no money on this world can buy this smileys from peoples faces. My motto is, Care and Share, there for I do try my best with ansering questions, solving problems people have and giving advice where ever I can. I once witrest a car accident, a minor one. I ran towards the injured and did first aid, in the mean time I instructed others there rolls, there for I belive I can stay pretty calm even in stress situations. What skills can you bring to the LSFMD? [50+ Words]: I did work as a volunteer firefighter back in my youth, where I gained a lot of experience First Aid methods and fire figthing. There for I can share this informations with others and consider others opionions to get the best result from it. I am a EMS from my hearth What are your Strengths? {3 list}: 1. I like to share my knowledge with others. 2. I'm patient with others around me. 3. I'm thinking a step ahead, to better react with situations. What are your Weaknesses? {3 list}: 1. Perfectionist, I like it done properly 2. I like it quick, sometimes done too quickly. 3. workaholic, Overtimes just give more money. OOC Information Age: 23 Location: Germany Time of your Location: [EST or GMT]: GMT+1 Stats: Level: 1 Roleplay Skills: 7/10, have been chief of command (LSMFD) on an other server but have been inactive for 2 years