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  1. Luka Thugz made me the man I am today 😂
  2. I just came back because it was my childhood and its honestly not too bad.
  3. I see what you guys mean, but in my situation and with my families in the past this system is flawed. I was usually known for making families that recruited strictly new players. It was an easy way to give new players some money, teach them about jobs, while also teaching them to RP. Now in the case of the new system "training families" aren't a possibility anymore. It was a great way to keep new players interested because it gives them motivation and a task at hand. But now new players are told, "Go street sweep, get a trucker job, or deliver airplane cargo. What's the point in playing a MMO game when all you can do is pointless repetitive tasks? You people want to see RP, but refuse to make opportunity and I'm sorry but if 300 lines of /me's about someone robbing a pizza stacks is what rp is about to you guys then you are completely missing the big picture of what rp actually is. I say this with the upmost respect to everyone that took their time to reply.
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