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  1. I use the term fact cause i offered evidence in a pm, I swear i love it when you try sounding smart, cause you never know what ya talking about ;c I checked, ive got around 25 different people on discord who have sent/talked/requested aimbots within the past 3 months(if carter wants proof of this he knows to ask too aslongs he's willing to not ban, im willing to provide the FACTS) @KarlChea Yes, It is possible, It is exactly how i explained in the first post The things which aimbots are run through can typically be blocked or banned (S0beit, Dll's, Cleo's) This fix would not only sort aimbots But many other things ---- Custom Handling Lines ---- ----Rapid Fire---- ----Auto C-bug---- ----Player Finder---- ---- Jobtocheckpoint---- ---- S0beit in general---- ---- Custom Weapon data ---- And thats just things it'd fix which i can think of of the top of my head, it'd fix alot more than this.
  2. DLL's, s0beit's, and cleo's blocked and banned Will reveal the true hackers of wc-rp or more than likely just make everyone adjust and the community will become less toxic and more fair lol
  3. This is waht im saying, the fact its hard to detect is why 95% of the server does it without worry of ever getting caught, there is a simple permanent fix to this though, without needing to detect the aimbot blocking any dll's, a s0beit check on login, and auto kick if cleo folder Yeah some people will bitch over they're mods, But it will be a fair community where nobody is aimbotting, name tag hacking with s0beit, So on Or we can just continue down this shady ass path of 95% aimbotters, 1% getting caught, 94% laughing whilst they continue to use it for years and dumb fucks like Emon Nion get banned for it on theyre first week playing Look i couldn't care less wether aimbots are allowed or not, wouldn't effect me slightly i barely play anymore But structures like the one we have now are bad due to the fact that its unfair Its to easy to hack To easy to get away with it Anybody whos been around over a month knows that I just dont see why stuff like this isn't added in(Reffering to blocking ddls s0beit and cleo ban) Edit @6ix You allow it lol? You are the server who allows aimbots? did you not read what i said about banning it from the script or getting real ?
  4. Karl since you've played since 2012 you should know no aim bot is necessarily as good as skill and most aim bots can be fucked over by using lots of cover And Carter - Ive admissions, Ive played since 2008 man, the amount of people who have asked me what aimbot i use cause they want it is unreal or the amount of people who have asked me if i want aimbots, both ways, if i name drop im abit of a snitch, but ill happily send you a privated list of everyone who uses it if you agree not to ban them for something ya colleagues are doing theyreself xddd Fact of the matter is, I see that you all are "all good" for aimbots being against the rules But you have not commented slightly on my idea of banning them script wise? Oh the irony, Just a lil suspicious
  5. where was this in Wolves Of Vinewood days ;dddd, yeah we wern't truckers, But would've been dope! Support this fully still, I never knew trucking servers we're that in depth!
  6. Theres no cleo anti-cheat, or s0beit 95% of the server uses aimbot(Fact) Some aimbots are just better than others, or more so, some players may just genuinely play better using the same aimbot Anyhow - Unless its very blatant, stuff like wall shotting There really is no need for it to be bannable/punishable Why? Because even some admins use aimbots here, get with it, ban it all including script wise or let it happen and try to control it At the end of the day unless we put in anti cheat for cleo and s0beit people will always get away with aimbotting cause some of them are really undetectable ---- If people didn't use aimbot already, There wouldn't be an aimbot problem, you need aimbot on wc-rp, or years of experience to keep up with all the aimbotters ---- ---- Do ya see the cliche here in not completely banning it? ---- Edit - Disliking this simply supports hacking of the server, And its top notch to see its admins disliking So you basicly want them to stay against the rules but not banned from the script? Good old notoriously hard to detect aimbots, cant imagine why you'd want them against the rules but not banned from the script *Cough* *Cough* Maby so u cn keep using ur hacks undetected without the script fucking you?
  7. You are one very confused man Emon Nion You and your multi cultural black mafias Also, Rank 5 "A black gangster" 4/6 of your skins would be white if rank 5, yet "a black gangster" Support though, Need more emons nions lets get this fucking low rp train ROLLING
  8. Tell ya brudda to stick to his ebk gang shit cause rapping aint for him looool
  9. DOPE! Massive support from me, Been around the server a long time and is more than capable of running a legitimate roleplay family *Cough* Unlike some other leaders ;)! Hope to see ya official soon
  10. This is my beast, 12 pound with 10 pound top up on it already, Top notch value does the job.
  11. Its an old rule, but it was a super retarded one if ya get me ;c But lets be honest, Rules like the turf rule This rule was introduced by shit/inactive families who we're having they're turf's taken by active families The moral of the story - Maybe if they family was active they'd own some turf? Turf wars back in the day were GREAT, I remember when SSC owned the whole city and was getting like 300k in turf payments Good times, when the player base was 75-150 at all times. edit : Shit i could go ON, Rules like the 3 strike rule for families dis-encourage your server to grow too, We never had this rule before, cause we understood that people make mistakes and the leader shouldn't be blamed for mistakes people he recruited may of done So people actually recruited people more often, in term, making the server grow The biggest family's now have what, 10 members? Its unrp haha, why do they have 10 members? Scared to recruit someone without an admin dick fucking theyre family
  12. Im sure we all are aware, those who have been here a while atleast That wc-rp introduces some of the most retarded rules known to sa-mp! Rules like you must ask an admin for permission to do a drive-by(In a roleplay server!) But i must say, No guns in turf is defietly the most retarded thing i've ever heard! and i think its the most retarded rule i ever will hear!
  13. So just kill everyone else's role play who doesn't want to work legally, and isn't in a family? I mean, i've pretty much quit playing until all this is fixed, its boring rp'ing a gangster and unable to even make a bat lol What gangster doesn't have weapons? I had aim's on actually starting a family, or being highly involved in the creation of one But within what these power hungry families requested, well it's pretty much ruined the server for me Cause i was RPLY beefing with 3 sets, now i have to login to spend hours running from them cause they're official and im not? Lol because west coast roleplay, loooooool;D Oh, get a gun license you say? Sure, but it seems theres no place to apply for them? and quick reminda!, im roleplaying a gangster, i have two arrests Rip gun license Hope this is fixed soon, its just something requested by power hungry families who want to be able to always have the advantage when they go around robbing civilians / people who are unofficial. I think that was the difference between what i was trying to start up and any of these official families, We didn't rob or shoot civilians, and would simply do business with them fairly. These official families dont play like this, and you've made it 100x easier for them not to aswell haha
  14. This is the one which it should be, only people who want this is CURRENT FAMILIES cause they do not care about wether the server gets bigger, and other families rise aslong as they can get guns and nobody else can, Right?
  15. Its deaded the rise of any other family, Cause the current families just kill them knowing they cant get guns haha? Idk, Seems like a rule voted in by current families so they have more power Why do i have to be part of a gang to get a gun?:S