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  1. None of you are OGs.
  2. All good. What made you stop by?
  3. Goodbye my child, you will be missed.
  4. Ricky Black if you remember me.
  5. Yow? why my ip address get banned for no reason?


  6. fpsunlocker is illegal in most servers.
  7. Why would any server allow aimbot?
  8. iPhone 6s.
  9. Run, mothafucka, run

    Before the popo get the gun, put it to your brain like goddamn!

  10. Go play the quarters where the butlers be

    Ima play the corners where the hustler be.

  11. "You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America?"

  12. *cough* animations *cough*
  13. 7/10 Basic but effective.