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  1. Milan did a good job this summer. Bought quite a few players. I think it is going to get back to Champions this year. Yup. Here in Greece
  2. Best Club (for me) AC Milan Basketball: Olympiakos (Euroleague) Handball: No idea. I'm in a club called: SYN.KA (we won a cup last year just sayin ) Best player in football : Ummm for me is Dybala and Asensio tbh Basketball: Curry Handball: No idea as always.
  3. Life is easy..
  4. (( Would like to point out that the Tournament will begin once there will be 16 participants. Matches will be shuffled so please stop asking for your opponent.))
  5. (( Thanks for the support man, I've really tryed to make this good and organized, have edited more like 50 times this topic. ))
  6. (( I'd like to see that and basically that was my purpose. Cause not only it is fun, but I can make you like 200k if you're good. AND WHO KNOWS?! If this succeeds I might make a second one, more participants. ))
  7. WORLD BOXING TOURNAMENT TeamAce, decided to gather up the best boxers from all over the world to compete in an amazing Tournament, which will give the HIGH price of 200 THOUSAND DOLLARS as reward for the winner! Note: Every measures are taken, medicians will be there at any case. Rules: First to get 3 round wins, gets qualified to the next stage. You may not proceed to the other round without every match from the previous round end. Every match should have a Supervisor / referee to count as one. Respect your opponent. Don't go off the limits. Obey to the judge. Have fun! (( OOC "Rules" )) To join, contact in game Mike Fitzgerald or Marija Kovac to give the small entrance fee of 20k. You can also join by doing a small RP situation just like Jay did on the UFC Championship thread 16 players will compete, winner gets 200k in hand. The tournament is perfectly legal. We might call some FMD members to make this even more realistic. Every match should be played at the Gym in Ganton Every match must have a supervisor, which is me. PM me when you're ready. The table will be ready once we will have 16 participants. Your ping must not exceed 350, if it does so, you will get DQed. Only normal and Boxing FS are allowed Participants must have 10 playing hours in order to compete. GOOD LUCK! Participants: 1. Sam Hendrikson 2. Kane Hendrikson 3. Leo Decruz 4. Darnell Hayes 5. Lamar Arkwood 6. Max Doe 7. Dequantes Darwins 8. Hank Smith 9. Nikola Stevanovic 10. Robin Johnson 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  8. Farewell Gunhawk, you will be missed. They always come back.
  9. Welcome #geyisokei
  11. I don't get it i'll say yes bcs why not
  12. Nice to meet you man. Welcome to WC-RP, hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. Can we call this Anti-Cheat bot "Ainara"? *hides in the FAR FAR back*
  14. @Kennno MY BOIIII =3
  15. DooooooooooooooOoooooooooooooOoooooooooooooON'T, joke wit Aids like dat okei?