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  1. Geng geng.
  2. Weeeel....cooome?
  3. Who's Gunhawk? Jk farewell Gunhawk
  4. Never got to know this feeling or have this face because I don't have friends. ;(
  5. Increase your activity in game, never got to meet you, don't know how mature and sociable can you be. Pending decision
  6. He was thinking
  7. That made him
  8. Changed the name, thank you for reminding me of it.
  9. Are memes from in game accepted? I got a couple of good ones.
  10. Lol.. I forgot you were Nikola. Obviously supporting, he's one of the best roleplayers I got to meet around WCRP, pretty mature I should say, friendly with the others and also helpful. Good luck
  11. Just AIDS....
  12. I myself use Lenovo(I know pretty bad but I like it) so why not giving it a try. I got mine for 140$ only.
  13. Thanks Tony! Means a lot for me Carter, thank you! Thanks Chris!
  14. Rite my nigguh. Be careful yall, ghosts aint no joke - Deq
  15. Haha, you're wrong though but still thank you even though I don't quite know your name in game sorry about that. Anyway <3 thanks Thanks!