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  1. Are you autistic? I didn't even say that I said that you're one of those who thinks that due to your knowlendge. And, no; you don't join other servers because "this one is the besy for me" the real reason is that you wouldn't even make it there.
  2. The media itself shows if the family is good enough and not the story, so what the fuck are you on? You're one of those retards who are stuck in 2010 and thinks he's a top-notch roleplayer because he've a "green" tag on the forum. If you were playing at a bigger server you would be laughed at.
  3. Astonishing boys. I might swing by one day.
  4. This is actually how a story should look like and it doesn't lack anything, bud. We're in 2017 and not 2010 anymore so get used to it, bro. Nowadays everything is about quality and not quantity anymore as it was back in 2010. If you take a look at how people roleplay and portray a faction at L*-RP then you'd definitely see that this is a quality faction and it's a way too good for WC-RP. This faction is more than a gift to this server. This comes from a guy who actually roleplay at bigger places. Keep it up boys this is astonishing and don't let those people who are stuck in 2010 judge how you roleplay.
  5. Well, your portrayal of an LCN character is shit to be straight, you should do some more re-search. Also, it's called "Italian-American" and not "American-Italian". Anyway, have fun.
  6. You should do some more re-search on how the modern LCN operate nowadays and some more stuff. Also, do you realize that "boss" and "godfather" is the same thing? And, it's called "Caporegime" and not "Caporegimes".
  7. This is not how the modern LCN factions work nowadays, do some re-search lad. Nevertheless, good luck.
  8. This is good.
  9. And, why the fuck are you guys using non-italian names?
  10. No, what the fuck have you smoked, bro? Italy ain't a part of the Scandinavian countries at all. Get your facts straight and do some re-search already. Scandiavia = Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. And, no once again, "mierda" is Spanish.
  11. You lack of effort.
  12. Why wouldn't he be allowed to express his feelings just like the rest of us?
  13. Just like your avatar?
  14. It kinda breaks the realism to follow the concept from s-player.