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  1. This always happens with wcrp, reaches a peak then drops again, ups and downs baby we’ll get there one day
  2. Ganton Block Families season when we had 15 men deep straight rping and winning the RP Family of the month because a _crowe member uploaded some dope rp video
  3. This is how it usually ends when I get arrested
  4. Montana


    Man any of yall know some good ass gang Chichago type of rappers / somgs
  5. Nice video fam but damn that song is hot had to search it up
  6. Can you pm me that light mod? The ones I used made me crash haha
  7. My boy finally out the pen
  8. '' All my cash is halal ''
  9. nerd

    1. Montana


      Thanks you my love

    2. 6ix


      fight me for that strike nooooooooooooooooob

    3. Montana


      Wow come paintball Ill wreck u!!!1!!1!

  10. @rochi Do you really need to make a whole thread for this? PM him on forums or Discord but please stop making useless threads like these. Thank you.
  11. You were the one that i killed inside pizza stacks?

    1. Montana


      Nah bro, wasn't me

  12. Locked and archived, if you feel offended by any way, please report them instead of starting a thread in the wrong section. Quick tip: Don’t take the internet serious.
  13. Montana

    je moeder

    Hahahahaha dank
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