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  1. Dude it's WCRP, it's been like this for the past 3 years. And prior to that, I remember the Thugz were terrorizing the server with their autistic outrages. In my opinion, there isn't much you can do, and should do. You can't really limit these people without limiting the entire server, which makes the server no fun when it's just fucking impossible to get a gun. SAMP, and WCRP specifically is meant to be a fun and crazy place, not exactly like the real world. Besides, most of these noobs are trash shooters who end up getting cucked.
  2. Zach

    Plz help?

    Yes, I think it could be crucial to have a /help that covers pretty well every aspect of WCRP. I've got a few old guides I made for WCRP a few years ago that definitely could help.
  3. Zach

    Refunding accounts

    Put yourself in the perspective of old players and those who amassed very high level accounts. Do you really think that these people are gonna go back on this server to grind out for their hours they spent so long to get on a server with a small playerbase, just to potentially lose it again from another reset in the next few months? These resets truly are what killed the server, and it's about damn time Fredrik realizes it.
  4. It should be English in all chats. People having the ability to speak in other languages via PM gives them the opportunity to metagame going undetected to admins who don't speak that language. This is a English server, let's keep it that way. Also, the argument of using google translate is not a very good argument. Why would we spend the time to translate through all these messages just to see if you've metagamed or not? It complicates things for administrators, which is not what we need. If you are unable to speak English / Find it too challenging, don't be on a English RP server.
  5. If you're doing mapping like that with the current WCRP furniture system, I give you props. There are sooooo many limitations to mapping on WCRP.
  6. This is good. I was gonna do a full stat list. I am gonna create a list like this for pilot job and you can see how freaking horrible the job is for earnings.
  7. Increasing literally all (trash cleaner needs increased slightly) of them because right now everyone does the fishing job. Every job should earn an equal amount of money. But Fredrik, you have to realize that all jobs should not be set to the same price because certain jobs take longer to complete than others.
  8. Great! We still need those job prices fixed though!
  9. Very underrated movie. That was a stellar movie.
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