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  1. It's pretty weird how your English skill turned from 0 to 100 real quick. Huge difference between the application and this reply.
  2. I am loving this, expecting it to go far.
  3. I support this guy, he will do really good as a helper, I have been there when he was one before and he did a great job.
  4. I like this. Keep going.
  5. Did you just assume my gender?
  6. You're busted! This is copied from H*-RP, as this is the exact same application found on their forums. You didn't do slight a change but exchanging names. I can also tell that you are not the owner of this family on that server. If it happens to be really you, although I doubt it's you, send me PM on that forums; my forum name is Jookah there too. @Slice - This should be denied, locked and archived.
  7. I love this! Keep going.
  8. Take it far.
  9. Good luck.
  10. Nobody said you must be in a gang. This is simply added to prevent trigger happy people and the easiness of obtaining weapons, why would we have everyone in the server walking around with a weapon with, which planet has such thing in real life mate? This is a role play server and this is the best thing to prevent death match and increase role play in the server. At least it's creating more importance for families rather than only fighting for points and turfs. If you want to get weapons, you can just role play a gun deal with a family or make some relations with a family member and make him your plug that hooks you up with weapons IC.
  11. Good luck.
  12. Great, but no assault rifle ammo?
  13. If somehow I get bored, I head to my PS4 or eventually get some life.