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  1. so a guy tells u where ur wrong and u say hes trolling yea thats why i didn't and never will come back to wc enjoy with ballas and grove st gengsters
  2. ezekiel's dad was leader of gr8 geng then he die now ezekiel take over you want that same old shit yeah? shit doesnt work like that anymore story comes around as gangs develop, not by faking it
  3. my man ani in there noice
  4. this is the only good faction lol
  5. do you even know that rockstar games groves and ballas were originally derived from crips and bloods respectively? they never used the original gangs in game cause you know you're trying to protray a set that has no background
  6. nice screens but thats not how you roleplay 18 st sets mordern hispanic gangs dont use excessive spanish slangs anymore and they use the normal 18 instead of the roman 18
  7. Whats next? Escape from a spider?
  8. yeah no shit broskii this is 2017 aint nobody puts guns skins and cars in their faction, oh i mean family thread
  9. Another bunch of people using USELESS slangs. 0 gang knowledge, no replacing cs with bs this is just cancer, oh I mean BANCKER.
  10. nice joke
  11. Just remove the overused gfx and skins, cars and guns.
  12. 2009 shit right here
  13. crips without crip slangs? lmao OT: what kind of surname is jaacks and what kind of rankname is homie
  14. Had some plans in a heavy rp server.
  15. Passing official leadership to JohnnyA. It was a good run but you know, time to move on.