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  1. ((Copy that. Congratulations to Sam Hendrkkson))
  2. You'll be missed! Nothing more to say.
  3. On vacation, stop bothering me with stupid things, please wait untill the end of next week. Thank youuuuu

  4. Welcome!! Enjoy your stay.
  5. to go and
  6. I thought I would be fun to make a story, where everyone can change the story, but you are only allowed to post 3 words at a time. Like this: MalibuCola: Once there was Random guy 1: a big fat Random guy 2: (Posts 3 words again) This will create the most funiest story's. Since everyone wants something else in the story. We're all creative in our own ways, so lets try to make some fun story. I'll start it off: Once there was
  7. This made me laugh so hard LMFAO! Just like the movie haha, put your arms and legs up in the air like a pussy cat" LOL
  8. Bye. LOL I don't even have SAMP installed atm. But I'll see whether I'll pass by sometime again.
  9. Thank you for all the suggestions, I'll be looking in to them once I have time. Really appreciated!
  10. Support, seen you been a helper before. The only thing you need to work on is keeping your answers short.
  11. L&A
  12. 200-400 EURO I mean, I don't need the newest of the newest. But I need something that just does the job well.
  13. My phone is close to dying, and I really need a new one. I'm not really in to phone's, so I thought, why not let you guys help me find a great phone. For the record, I currently am using a Sony Experia XA and this did suit me well. I like funky colors on a phone, I don't need black or white. (where all the same after all) Camera doesn't have to be the best. Let me know if you know cool phone's. I'm open for suggestions, since I really don't know what is a good phone now a days. It all goes way to fast.
  14. Ye, gotta do what I love to do China will always be in your heart. Remember that Stop it you, I'm starting to blush