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  1. Haha we did 2-2 vs Besiktas lol (football)
  2. Yea but we still cant compare it with best clubs ( Barcelone,Real or Bayern) Cool, a cup finished today in Turkey my club participated lol
  3. AC Milan in old years ye i feel u that it were one of the best clubs but now its nothing lol Your club IRL is it in Europe ?
  4. I said that just IC'ly man chill out
  5. Welcome brah
  6. Lets have some fun around the question is: What is your best club of football,basketball,handball or other (in order) and in which club are you in IRL (if u are in one) and who is your best player. For me: My best club of football: FC Barcelone Basketball: Cavaliers Handball: PSG Im in club of football OGC Nice Best player of football: Neymar JR Basketball: Lebron James Handball : dunno the players lol Go ahead guys
  7. When this fam gonna post some RP?
  8. (( there is media thread its better if you post SS's/vids of your rp there ))
  9. Na nah i've just being unactive these days lol i'll be back soon G. Keep going guys
  10. Damn bluhd, where's the other niggas!
  11. LMFAO is braxtons down?
  12. Nigga nigga nigga gl ma nigguhhh
  13. (( btw my char participant -Lamar Arkwood. Thanks ))