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  1. Wuzgood, Internship is killing me ffs. Been to several festivals. Ez pzy.
  2. I doubt this won't work, but if this won't work for you: Try removing all servers and add (that's our numeric IP) first. Connect to the server and than add all the other ones back.
  3. Start up SAMP, join our server, typ in a password and then there should be a button to recover your password with the e-mailaddress you signed in at.
  4. You probably mean that it was 0.15 percent, and that it is now 0.5 percent, right?
  5. @KurtSchaffer What if you connect with a different accountname, which can be found in your SA-MP launcher?
  6. is growing fast* I've seen back some old players and new players, we hope and will be back on our previous (active) playerbase soon.
  7. Nordin


  8. @rochi How many times did I tell you needed to wait to let the bug reports be verified? 10 times? 20 times? Maybe even more?
  9. @Kordell_Waiters money obtained by robbing people doesn't count
  10. Nordin

    je moeder

    The fuck, laat je ware indentiteit zien
  11. Nordin

    je moeder

    Bedoel je nou dat je uit Goor komt of wat?
  12. @David_Levingston lock and move, please.
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