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  1. As i saw there was a small window of time to resurrect and fix everything as soon as the management was noticing the negative impact of the new anti cheat system on the server and the playerbase , but instead this is what happens from ignoring people's requests and bieng stubborn , players had even been giving the management a chance to fix everything they tried and tired , posted ban appeals until they have gotten tired from posting ban appeals and waiting for hours to get unbanned or even days , so this is the result as you guys can see.
  2. Yall niggaz trippin , server is alive its aprils fools prank , i play daily and see 30+ players.
  3. nah man it aint dead i play daily ,its just people are inactive on forums ,also check discord people there are active daily.
  4. not getting killed for an hour while bieng online.
  5. i hope they re consider , we need to make a public poll
  6. There is a new finding , Car Shooterino if u tab in a vehicle with any weapon
  7. imo it shouldn't be here until system is perfect cuz hackers can still hack guns and dm
  8. Never ever hold a gun or scroll it you will be banned for gun hacks if you have a gun keep it a locker or safe / car NEVER take it out. Dont even dare to go to gun factory or make guns , you will get banned for gun hacks. Never ride a bike , you will get banned for speedhacks. Never get in a shootout because you can get banned for fake kill / godmode. Never tab in a vehicle while holding a weapon , you will get banned for (car shooterino) whatever that is. (even spraycan , flowers , shovel are all considered weapons) enter interiors is sometimes considered a hack in pablo’s eyes and u get banned for (black magic) i guess that’s teleports List will be updated with new findings. Because people got tired from posting ban appeals on daily basis so i made them this guide , i myself am following it , only got banned once by pablo when i did mistake Number 1 , and learned to never do it again. Or you might be also (this is a quote by sidney) So yeah what do you guys think.
  9. using and dealing coke all day
  10. Damn..... back when most youtube videos was made with windows movie maker on xp and most videos had this music
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