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  1. Making a Jamaican role out Sorry for bad quality :\
  2. Building up territory
  3. Getting buyers from around LS
  4. What The Jamaicans do
  5. App picture updated.
  6. Support
  7. Is Scamming allowed?


    1. Gunhawk


      Yes, but there's a 100k limit. Check the scamming rules for more details.

  8. Families only and 75 Playing hours for normal players.
  9. Anthony's Lockdown
  10. Taking a Stand
  11. Actually If a spider came to town i would rp with it....It's better than rob and killing. It's a rp server and we need to expand our mind more.
  12. Looks fine GL
  13. LOL it was just for fun. deleting....
  14. Aliens in the Hood
  15. Showdown at Stacks