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  1. He literally said I'm just busting his theory, if you want to explain how LS is high then be my guest and i'll respond proving why but I'm not gonna sit here to prove to two dudes on a forum while you're the only two who think LS is high.
  2. We do the exact same here, we punish for stupid driving too. Is WC-RP High RP now?
  3. Getting admin in 2013 from Gareth and joining Crowe.
  4. 'high' RP is just a concept, nobody wants to be really strict and I've played LS quite a lot to understand how its standards have dropped over the years. Sure, they could've been considered 'High' at their peak but they're definetly not now and you can grasp that after playing on the server for 10 minutes. If you actually cared about roleplay then you'd understand that levels are just a concept and not actually a thing, they're designed to attract players but in reality all styles of RP is welcome as long as you have a basic understanding of English. So, why don't you tell me why LS is 'High RP' since you're the one trying to provide a counter argument. Edit: and yes, I do like LS and no, I'm not banned either.
  5. If you think LS is high then sorry to say but you're lacking in brain cells. Anyone that's played it recently and actually experiences it can safely say it's not high rp. Just because you need to have a basic understanding of English in a really easy exam doesn't make it high either.
  6. Then you've never even played a 'High' RP server if you think LS is.
  7. These are deviations from default that I recoloured during my focotdm admin days. These are buq/Trent Kings that I also use.
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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