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  1. We were 7 deep today lol. We be online when you aren't.
  2. @Unknown '
  3. LOL
  4. The story is so cool and the application is formed well, but we don't use cars/skins in the gang applications anymore. So, I suggest you to remove them to make the application look 'Sophisticated'.
  5. Welcome to Braxton, Damon.
  6. A HUGE SUPPORT. One of the most active players on the server (IF he isn't the most active player), have plenty of experience and knowledge of the script, and he's really a friendly person.
  7. Supporting this guy. He's one of the best RPers I've ever seen on WCRP. Also, one of the most active and experienced players on WCRP.
  8. I KNEW IT http://forums.hzgaming.net/showthread.php/178553-San-Andreas-Kobra-MC
  9. I can smell plagiarism in this application. It's a bit weird and suspicious that your English in posts/dialogues is pretty weak and in this application your English is perfect. Who's Krayzie? and who's Tony? I never seen these names IG.
  10. FUCK OFF WITH THIS PLAGIARISM SHIT! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahala_Na_Gang
  11. Gonna miss you, China :'(
  12. Finally seen a legal faction. GL with it.
  13. Welcome to our lovely community, Robin. Wish you enjoy yourself on WCRP.
  14. Your girl friend left you or what lol Jk.
  15. Moved out of Braxton Courts temporarily till his homies are back.