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  1. hey guy you barely understand english, drop it this server is dead already, owners cant get they heads out of they asses. this shit like the second ngrp facts on bd on foenem on my momma frfr
  2. bottomline is we're still talking about 2010 mat runs. 💀 faction weapon and drugs distribution would be dope.
  3. nah this cant be real LMAOOOOO i mean ive been really attached to samp when i was 15 but i never gotten this far LOL
  4. Here's hoping you ingest some humble 🥧 during your sentence. It'd be good for you to come out of admin jail a changed man bro.

    1. munchies


      aced ur report fam hop off my dick LMAOOOOOO 

      keep getting bodied tho 😂

  5. Buddy done got banned you next xD

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    2. Bucks


      Filthy rulebreaker xDxD

    3. Bucks


      sa-mp-025.thumb.png.ea194bad8aa4d0a21f797496cbc468ae.pngMetagaming... I rest my fuckin case xDxD

    4. munchies




      hop off :(

  6. hard, keep killing it dom and co
  7. Just some shootout compilation vids. Feel free to post ur feedbacks.
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