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  1. bottomline is we're still talking about 2010 mat runs. 💀 faction weapon and drugs distribution would be dope.
  2. nah this cant be real LMAOOOOO i mean ive been really attached to samp when i was 15 but i never gotten this far LOL
  3. Here's hoping you ingest some humble 🥧 during your sentence. It'd be good for you to come out of admin jail a changed man bro.

    1. munchies


      aced ur report fam hop off my dick LMAOOOOOO 

      keep getting bodied tho 😂

  4. Buddy done got banned you next xD

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    2. Bucks


      Filthy rulebreaker xDxD

    3. Bucks


      sa-mp-025.thumb.png.ea194bad8aa4d0a21f797496cbc468ae.pngMetagaming... I rest my fuckin case xDxD

    4. munchies




      hop off :(

  5. hard, keep killing it dom and co
  6. Just some shootout compilation vids. Feel free to post ur feedbacks.
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