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  1. hope u get unbanned

  2. I should be unbanned because im not a really bad guy, money farming? Not in this blood gang household. All my cash is halal, i just wanted my bug reports cash because i couldnt wait and i wanted to save money to buy that bullet, I tried to money farm my way to 100k (how much i would get for the bug reports) but then sidney came out of nowhere and banned me - I was high for a second there by the way but i guess that doesnt matter. It's just im not very harmful i dont even know why everyone hates me,I never DM i always have a reason, I never kill in a safezone, I never used cheats to harm anyone - like miodrag did with his aimbot, i never abused bugs - like miodrag and his serbian friends did, thats why i report bugs and try to make the server better - because i love to play in it, and seeing me permanently get banned for ''money farming'' wasnt very cash money of me. I made a thread on the forums saying i got banned -when i saw the replies i was shocked to see all these people be like ''finally'' like what have i ever done to you? I'm the nicest mexican in this game with florida in his DNA, i always helped people and new players when they were struggling like when some dudes were ban evading for their 5th time coming to me and whispering ''you sell guns?'' so they could DM in the server - yes i did sell them guns because i needed cash, BUT! That doesnt mean I dm-ed people! I have like 13 admin jails, why? Because i am too nice of a person, I do stupid shit and then turn in to the admins by using /report I [insert broken rule here], ban me. I can speak for myself and say that i never ban evaded because i love the server, if i ban evaded that means i was there just to Deathmatch, Break rules, Etc. But no, i am a loyal person to the server even if i get banned 5 times or jailed 1 hour and 30 minutes, even gunbanned for 1 week, or even muted for 1 hour - I am so loyal i only have West Coast roleplay in the favorites server, no other trash servers. Even a lot of dudes when i was in a server called 1600 gang told me West coast roleplay is a paki server and called me paki, i was like boi shut your oompa loompa headass up i aint listening to yall corny asses, i love west coast roleplay and thats it. They even told me to apply for a character on los santos roleplay because its more active, it has like 200 members daily, i was like okay then let me try - I made the application, those niggas in the server was like hahahahaha u gonna get rejected the owner even gave me a ''5 min lsrp application'' role, like fuck los santos roleplay i dont care if nahmir plays it, or i dont care if it gets 200 members daily, 400 on weekends. West coast roleplay for life, i even told the dudes like have y'all notices theres a skin in west coast roleplay, theres a dude with a hoodie that has 1600 on it - I told them they should respect west coast roleplay more because they are the ones that introduced me into the server in the first place and now they're like fuck west coast roleplay paki server - because they getting banned or jailed for some shit they did, I even see them saying in the chat should i make a ban appeal, some even use ammo hacks, aimbot. I look at their ban appeals on the forums and im like, look at these dudes acting sorry they dont even like the server they play to DM, i would comment on their ban appeals but i would get warning points as i already have 2 already. Like look at these hackers, cheaters, DM-ers , Ban evaders that just join the server to break rules - there are like 50 bans everyday, why would admins waste time on banning me which i havent done any harm to the server or any players? i just didnt have patience and would have patience if i saw sidney's replies on the forums. Look at the trolls everyday with 0 playing hours, look at me with more than 100 playing hours trying to make halal money in this game because i care, do you think the rulebreakers care? the cheaters? the trolls? the ban evaders? They dont. Like people be getting second chances on their permanent bans but i dont? What point did i reach in this community to get hated so much? I even applied for helper because i cared about the server, i love the server and i just come back to some very unsupportive comments, and 2 kids from the server 1600 gang commenting, calling me paki and shit, saying im very toxic oocly and i suck at english when you could clearly see they had just created a new account. i posted my helper application link in the server chat and was like 'show me some love' those fags go there create new accounts to post hate replies, without thinking of my application, they just wanted me to get denied. Every morning at 11 AM or 10 AM i use to grab my laptop, open it, press the power button, click on San andreas multiplayer, double click on the server, click connect, and log in knowing i should be able to have some fun a couple of minutes before i go to school. I get my car and drive to ocean docks, weapon factory to grab the tec9s / uzis that have been crafted overnight, i pull up to Ben's famous Pizza Stacks with my fancy, blue (crip) Savanna, and look for some customers or just trouble so i could smoke someone's ass (like juan and david). And yeah.. I wait you know look around n shit, go to talk with some dudes ask them if they need straps or some of that Marijuana area 51 special shit, and out of nowhere the rule breakers come into play, they destroy the rp, they DM in the safezone, you got people Using cheats, speed hacks they kill me with a baseball or by fists as i lose my god damn weapons. I come out of the hospital... type /admins and See no one online... Its just a huge disappointment for me considering there are people fucking around in the server and no one cares to be in game, I leave the hospital, on my way down the bridge - heading to pizza stacks to get my fancy (crip) Savanna, this guy pulls up to me with his feet like he's the flash and starts punching, kicking me to death. I tell him im gonna report (oocly) he replied with '':)''... Just disgusting. All these rule breakers each morning make me go to the West Coast roleplay discord server and @ admins or dm them saying there is a rulebreaker / or a hacker in the server and that they should come ingame to punish the player... It really sucks for me, like when i had a insult fight with juan bitch garcia, he said lets fight but somewhere else (i knew he had a colt with him) so i was like 'wait here' because i wanted to run into my house and grab some coke to fill my armor... When im near my house i see him with his car pulling up, took out his 9mm and started shooting.... which was in a safezone... my house is in a safezone. So i quickly run into my house then go to the locker and take some 10 grams of coke and snort that shit, i wait till the effect is gone... I grab my lovely tec9 from the house safe and leave my house as i try to shoot juan, i was very close to killing him if it wasnt for his friend, David Weston - which didnt show any gunfear considering there was a gunfight, started punching me while i was shooting at juan... so then i am critically injured, i tell them im gonna report they are like im gonna report too. Moral of this incident - It was juan's fault, for shooting me inside a safezone in the first place. Not very long after i got executed.. I run to my blood ringer near stacks and i see this guy with the name andrew wilcox (he tried to rob me before) and then juan pulls up with david talking shit at stacks... david comes out and starts fighting andrew, i fight david in defense of andrew and juan takes out his colt and shoots me to death.... Moral of this incident: David Weston And juan's fault for violence inside a safezone. Later on i come back to my blood ringer, hop in it - and i let andrew drive, as he passes my tec9 back to me so i could drive by and get revenge on juan's AP and killing in safezone autistic ass, as we are driving we see juan driving and he has david and jay in his car, i start shooting and smoke the fuck outta david and jay (i killed jay by accident, my targets were juan and david) and then juan runs out of the car, i try to kill him... he /q's to avoid death - I am very sure it wasnt about trying to post screenshots on the forums that i came to revenge kill him... he coulde've done it after i killed him but it was a bullshit reason for him just to get away with /q to avoid getting killed by this crazy mexican.. Meanwhile carmine galante was there watching and he was like what the fuck is happening... Andrew goes afk im in my blood ringer, rolling around Sam's Idle gas ( which i robbed twice with my friends few days ago) waiting for juan to come back so i could smoke him... David dies, juan joins back into the game - i drive to him, take out my tec9 and kill him. Few seconds after that this dude Edison robert comes and shoots me with an uzi - revenge killing me, and i died right... david pulls up with my blood ringer and he's like i got your car bitch, i end up at the hospital... The recovery is done, david pm's me saying ''i destroyed your car bitch'' i replied to him like lol ok, he actually rammed my blood ringer at the tree near my house, i run to it and it was totaled. Moral of this story: Juan /q'd to avoid death, scared to get smoked by the crazy mexican, and he reported me on the forums afterwards. About 2 days later i get these notifications on the report juan made and i posted my proof against him, it looked like alabama didnt care, so he replied with 'he's gonna get jailed for rk-ing dm-ing and im gonna decide if he's gonna get gunbanned for 1 day or 7 days' I was shocked like what the fuck? Gunban me? An arms dealer? 100 + playing hours? Needs to sell guns and get the halal money and save it to buy a bullet? So, i was in my new business i bought near market, where noobs spawn and uh... i was tryna do something with the safe, or just buy stuff inside my store - i had 30k on the first night of my purchase of the business, it was very impressive, And out of nowhere i end up inside of sweet's garage in grove street, frozen... I see the cursed, red colored text saying '' You have been ajailed for 1 hour and 30 mins, reason: DM and rk'', Also getting the red cursed text saying ''You have been gunbanned for 1 day by: Alabama''...Later on i get released from ajail and i decide to moneyfarm 100k cash, So i go to the market where noobs spawn and i get me 75k; At the last new account for me to get 25k, Sidney comes in and..The most hated message pops up ''Server closed the connection'' and at that point i knew i was fucked but considering i could make ban appeals would change that feeling... Moral of this incident: I should've waited for sidney to test the bugs and pay me 100k for them. But hey look at the bright side, at least i didnt use cheats, or ammo hacks, or anything harmful like that, i moneyfarmed because i care about the server, if i didnt moneyfarm and just wait for sidney to give the cash to me i would just look like a gold digger player this whole time. I am not very rich in cash, i have 150k in my bank which is nothing compared to some others that i saw their stats they had 1 million or more in their bank... I just wanted to collect 100k cash from the bugs and you know if i wasnt gunbanned i would craft more guns n shit then sell them, put all of that cash in the bank you know save it till i make 750k - enough for my dream car ingame, the bullet. I was moneyfarming to buy a car i wanted, i didnt moneyfarm because im a troll that's just new to the server and he wants to buy guns then DM everyone, i have more than 100 playing hours - i am a troll but i dont troll something that i love, the server. My first time going to prison when getting arrested by cops was uh... they found coke and a deagle on me (i was new at the time with like 20 playing hours) i got arrested at the DMV, when the cop took my deagle i was like puto give that shit back i payed 30k for it, they were like nah, then i refused to go to jail and the cops called admins then malibu teleported to the cop car - me going to prison, and telling me to rp or you will be ajailed. I was calling malibucola, MalibuNigger in IC chat, yes i was MG- ing because i was new, and i kept insulting the cop and shit then i got ajailed before going to prison, i was still pissed off so i kept spamming /report to unjail me and the reports were getting denied then i got muted, then i kept doing shit like that then i got banned for 12 hours - i go on the forums and create an account and make a ban appeal but like they replied with you should wait for 12 hours since its night time and you'll get unbanned in the morning i was like aight then shit, i wake up in the morning and go to the discord and DM admins telling them to unban me because my time is up, later on i got unbanned then went to school. Moral of this incident: I was new to role play servers and wasnt very good at it, and i was learning to rp at the time. I was sitting on the couch last night and i was thinking about like, Where are these players at? Gabriel Mahone, Sergei Mihailov, Kato Ogami, Zachaeus Delhunty, Milos Mitrovic, Kenno, Nicholas Corozzo, etc. Like i haven't seen those people in a long time playing, i thought like they might not care about the server if they aint playing it, kenno is/was admin and he aint playing no more, lets say they have school; but i do to and when i come from school i start playing west coast roleplay - my favorite server of all time. I see 40-50 players at 5 - 6 PM or later, its not many people that used to play here its more of just new dudes or some players i've never seen before. There be people wanting to kill me all the time n shit, wanting to rob me but they cant cuz i be having a gun until i get gunbanned which is pretty sad, this joe tyson dude i wanted to fight but he bring his friends 3 vs 1 they critically injured me and while im down i got revived to keep rp-ing, but this joe bitch tyson headass coming here saying /me grabs daniel by the arms and puts them around his throat, /do Able? headass boi thinking he matrix fuck outta here like i aint rping that shit he aint even let me rp fighting back, i tried to fight him back he says u are knocked out bitch ill fuck you up telling me im knocked out and he can do anything he wants, he even tried to steal my cash while i was injured; I swear once i get unbanned ill fuck that nigga up with an uzi or a tec9 i dont care if he calls it revenge killing, he power gaming (and his friends too, like jordan hopkins, etc). Jeff Herald in the other hand tried to rob me while i had a gun on me, and i took out and shot him then he eventually killed me because he had an uzi or deagle or something like that shit, then he told me he's gonna report for power gaming, like bitch what? In real life we both have a gun and you trying to rob me you think im gonna pass the gun to you? No nigga im shooting your ass in my defense, then few days after he is suddenly the boss of both autistics; Juan and David (he leads them) juan edgy ass bandana and hat having ass comes to me with jeff and david they were like hey what r u doing? I told them im honking this bike (we were in the pizza stacks parking lot, i tried to hotwire but failed and i roleplayed by saying i was honking the bike) so then im like yo what's up? We got a problem? they were like yes, they tried to fight me and they were very dramatic, very desperate to start a fight with me, so i call them dramatic hoes and walk away to my house, they ask me like ' what you say?' 'i said hoes' and continue to walk to my house as they follow me tryna beat me up, and were infront of my house i was about to get my gun and smoke all 3 of their gay autistic asses and before i did that i typed /report and asked if this where im standing is a safezone - which was infront of my house, morkva accepted my report and tp-ed to me i told morkva that these fags tried to kill me right here in the safezone, morvka told them yes its a safezone, but these dumbasses reply with 'we have a reason to kill him' like bitch no matter what your reason is you cant kill me in a fucking safezone dumbass, then jeff herrald gets mad as fuck and we get told to void the incident, and i continue doing what i do. Later that night theres this dude with a big smoke armor skin and bought an uzi from me, we went to rob Ben Jackson's famous pizza stacks and we got 7k, then we went to rob Sam's Idle gas and we got like 100 dollars then FBI came in (big smoke armored skin dude disconnected so i was alone) swat came in and i was alone with an uzi they were like DrOP THE WEAPON AND PUT YOUr HANDS IN THE AIr i dont drop it and i shoot one of the swat then they kill me with the OP M4's then another swat comes in with alex whiteman the famous medic (swat that came in was moderator zephyr) then they revive me, i forgot i had 1.7k mats on me then the swat took them... alex takes me into his cruiser and takes me inside the hospital, i come out and see jeremiah washington im like what do you want? he's like hands up, face the tree (i get arrested) and put inside the fbi van then into jail for 30 min, bail 100 k then i get outta jail and go to grab some mats from the pick up spots then i deliver them at the delivery then from there i head to ocean docks, the weapon factory and put a 9mm and a bat into crafting but i eventually got gunbanned because of juans autistic ass. Some time ago, when miodrag's bug abusing and aimbot ass wasnt discovered by the admins yet was hustlin and looking for trouble with his 20,000 dollars purple fur suit and milos the 12 y/o miodrags lil brother havin ass. I was in stacks chilling and i had a shotgun laying on my hand and milos comes to me and says, you selling shotgun? i say yes, he tells me he'll pay 25 grand im like aight, then he tells me to get into his car and then we drive to the east los santos locker (i wasnt very experienced with robbery tricks) we arrive at the locker and milos pulls up, telling me 'hands up' takes out his M4 and starts aiming at me, also milos takes his deagle, i like cant do anything about it (east los santos locker was the orgy of robberies for the serbians at the time, now all the serbians are gone, finally.) and by the way thinking about it i was actually level 1 at the time with like 30 or 40 playing hours i think they couldnt have robbed me but whatever, so i refuse to get robbed and run into the locker and store my shotgun theyre like why did u abuse locker give us the money, the bitches they are when they dont get what they want they always /report and call for admins, so tom kay comes in and says daniel, you have 4 minutes to pay them and move on or else you'll be a jailed and fined 350k i was like nigga i dont care theres no way im letting these serbian faggots rob me, so they are in ooc chat like 350k? are you sure daniel? 'yes i am' so i get a jailed and fined 350k i request an admin chat with tomk and tell him im gonna report him on the forums, i report him and then later on after my jail time is up he's like im gonna refund you 310k (because he saw my report) i was like what the fuck? 310k? why not 350 k? then he refunded 310 k while i still remained - 40 k in debt i owe to the government then as days passed i sold few guns and got my cash high up again then kept playing and shit, then another day me and gabriel mahone get in his car and while driving around we spot miodrag , we pull up and gabriel tells him to put his hands up but he keeps running away while gabriel had a deagle chasing him he didnt role play gunfear or any sort, his pussy ass didnt wanna get robbed cuz he would be humiliated 4 lyfe in this community, erry body would laugh at him so he just runs away because he pussy ass with all those serbians. Then later on like 30 mins after his pussy ass ran into the locker to get his shotgun and then he came back driving around looking for us, we met at the gas station and he says stop! gabriel gets out with his deagle and miodrag gets out of his gay ass purple turismo and starts shooting gabriel with his shotgun, then they start shooting eachother while im in gabriels blood ringer watching them because i had no guns in this hoe, if i had a gun i would shoot miodrags serbian ass, so miodrag ends up killing gabriel (miodrag has aimbot so you would expect him to kill anyone he fights with) and miodrag runs to his car, before getting in one of gabriels friends comes and shoots miodrag down, cops come and paramedics, they take the deagle off gabriel and yeah he ends up getting arrested, miodrag in the other hand is saved and is deceased, also in the hospital. One day later miodrag pulls up to me and he's like i smoked ur friend hahahahah, i told him 'you had a shotgun and aimbot, he had a deagle' then i knew he would try to rob me so i do /me runs in to his house before he would get robbed by the pussy serbian, miodrag. and i run into my house /unlock the door , get in then /lock it and i run to my house safe and store the cash coke and gun i had. I like to play samp so much nigga i cant even play with the mouse pad my laptop has, i saved some money and bought a mouse then my aim and game play was better, i could actually kill people. Moving on to my character story, Daniel Hernandez (i dont have a character story for my character but im considering to make one inside this essay, might even post it on forums if im not lazy enough) Daniel Hernandez last name changed legaly to rodriguez by the government due to witness protection, Daniel is a crazy ass mexican, he was born in Brooklyn, New York and when he was little he lost his dad, someone murdered him in front of his house. Daniel was 5 at the time, and he only lived with his mother, he went to school with shoes he found on the streets, he didnt have money to buy clothes, his family was very poor (him and his mother). He was the funniest kid in school, also the most popular one. As time passed, Daniel got suspended from the school he was going to, so he was just running around the streets and one day he met this dude in the hood he was living in and they eventually became very close and they both reached a certain age (16 - 18) when they would start commiting crimes around the hood. Then he started getting tattoos on his body, started smoking cigarettes ( smoking is one of daniel's favorite things to do) One day he was walking around and he saw this advertisement on Tee Vee, Someone was looking for a bodyguard and it showed his number too, So, Daniel dialed that number and he eventually got to be the guys bodyguard, he meets the dude who was looking for a bodyguard, named Carmine Galante (Most wanted criminal at the time) , and his other bodyguard which was russian, his name was Sergei Mihailov, and another one of his bodyguards named Tony Salerno / Salerino then they drove Daniel to the Unity Lockers as Sergei took out a shotgun with 25 bullets and offered it to Daniel, for 8 thousand dollars, Daniel accepted the offer, and got inside of Sergei's car - Sergei was driving, Daniel and Carmine were sitting on the back seats and Tony was on the passenger seat, Tony and Daniel would have their shotguns on their Laps, ready to pull them out if they found trouble, or just drive by when needed / asked. And they were just hustlin' around the city lookin for trouble, later on Daniel got paid from Sergei 10 thousand dollars for doing his job, be Carmine Galante's bodyguard. Then later on Daniel and Sergei, they both got killed and ended up at the hospital, they also both got kicked out and Carmine didnt need them as bodyguards anymore, Daniel continued to do his own things, he went and bought a house in another hood, he met few dudes who lived there like Yaya Fields, Leonti Thomas, etc. The hood was very active until people left it, so then Daniel didnt have anyone to live near to he bought a crib at a Motel, he would get in trouble every day and he would get robbed, shot at, he would also use coke, smoke marijuana, shoot people, etc. Nowadays he got a job as an arms dealer, he goes to grab material packs at certain pickup points then deliver the packages to gain materials at the delivery points so he could use the materials to craft weapons, he crafts guns everyday and sells them he also keeps one for himself always because you never know when you get trouble, he makes a living out of selling guns, he gets about 50k dollars per day, and he bought a nice house near pizza stacks that he lives in, and bought 4 nice cars, Legends say till this day he has the a percentage of florida in his D. N. A. , and continues to get in trouble day to day. Moral of this story: Daniel Hernandez is still a nice guy. And i love the server very much, i dont have many words for how much i love it, its just a great server that i got introduced to, The both owners are nice, Sidney the greatest scripter i've ever seen, the admins do their job when they're online ( my fav one TomK) and the moderators do their job, Helpers are great at helping and introducing new players into the game, revealing commands they want to know about, or just stuff in the server they have questions about. I just got one issue with the helper named Samantha, she sits around all day when she's online, she's just afk - Hackers and rule breakers run around when she shouldnt be afk she should be there to vote kick them. ( i also hate the helper chloe very much, ima shoot her on sight when i get ingame. dont consider this meta gaming pls ) I actually applied for helper because i wanna be there when hackers and / or rule breakers are ingame so i could vote kick them and thats not the only thing i wanna be helper for, i also wanna be helper because i wanna help new players and introduce them into the game and answer their questions, other stuff (i familiar with more than half of the server's script - that is made by very much respected, sidney) and from helper i would go to a moderator, and then maybe apply for higher ranks in order to ban hackers, be able to refund players, take care of trouble, spectate role playing and give / take medals. But unfortunately all of the replies to my helper application were un supportive, those people that hate me dont know how much i love the server and how much i want it to improve. Lately the server has gone very better, from 10-20 players at 10 AM to 2 PM now its 40 players, and from 20 players in the game late at night, to 40 active ones having fun. Considering the server was made in 2008 and it still has more than 40 active players daily is very very impressive, and thats what i like most about it. Forgot to tell you that i am not just in love with the server, i am also very obsessed with it, for example: In real life, i am walking normally and it comes to my head that i should role play '/me starts walking' i am like what the fuck... I sit and take the laptop to start playing samp, in my head i say '/me turns on the laptop' then im like whats wrong with me, im too obsessed with the server i tell myself to role play my actions, 'nah this aint west coast roleplay, this is real life; or maybe both'. Heres some lyrics from a famous song that i came up with and thought it matches my character and other players in the game that commit crimes: I ain't get to roll no weed, ain't get to roll no Swishers, I was locked up on Christmas, ain't get to see my niggas, Ain't get to hug my mama, couldn't even give her no kisses, Everybody acting suspicious, might prolly say that I'm tripping, When I'm all alone in my jail cell, I tend to get in my feelings, And all I smoke is that loud, don't pass me no midget, And I'ma, smoke all of my pain away 'cause that the only thing that gon' heal it,I wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind, AK47, MAC-11, Glocks, and 9's, And all these pussy niggas hating tryna knock me off my grind, But I can't let 'em do it , I got murder on my mind, Bitch I got murder on my mind , I got murder on my mind , I got murder on my mind , I got murder on my mind. That was some of the lyrics from YNW Melly's famous, ''murder on my mind'' because i thought it matches the majority of our characters ingame and mostly me. Now let's take some time to talk about our nice and very well respected, from moderator to administrator, Morkva. Morkva is a very cool admin indeed, he has banned many rule breakers and helped many people with their refunds, and their issues in the game; including me with my job. Okay now i should talk about another great admin also an OG in the server, Mr. Kennno. Kennno is a great admin that actually does a really great job and handles rule breaking and issues very well, but there's one thing i noticed it was... I didn't see the Supreme Administrator Kennno in game in a long time! Who knows, he could come back any moment and be the great admin he is. Now let's move on to Why Supreme Kennno is the next, greatest, upcoming Apex Legends player in the world; Beating the beta male, Ninja. Kennno is the next best upcoming Apex Legends player in the world because he is an alpha male unlike Ninja, he takes his games seriously and has the best taste in which Legends he chooses, also has the greatest aim i have ever seen - better than ninja, i can confirm, It's one thing that he's missing.. It's fame - Kennno might not have enough fame but he has enough skills to be the next best player of Apex Legends in the world. For those people who dont know what Apex Legends is, im gonna explain it right now: Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game (just like fortnite) that was developed by respawn entertainment and published by Electronic Arts on February 4th, 2019 without any announcement or marketing - Kennno claims to be the next and best player in this battle royale game, i do not doubt it, and you shouldn't too. Moving on to my favorite administrator in the game, TomK. (character names: Kenny Dougs, Tom Kay, etc.) TomK is a refund administratior that is respected by everyone including me, he takes his job seriously and has a great sense of humor, (including his character Kenny Dougs - The SAN News reporter ) He always takes care of most of my issues i have, he always tries his best to help; he even got me unbanned few days before my ban would actually expire, and he paid me 40 grand for the 2 bugs i reported, And i always got my refunds from him, few times i got my refund without making any applications on the forums, i just pm-ed him ingame and he refunded the weapons / items to me because he trusts me and i would never lie to get some weapons / items i didnt have to get refunded to me, i've always seen him help players with their reports - considering he's a refund administrator that does all of this work with his chat on fire getting new messages every 0.5 and still managing to help players is incredible, i think he should get a promotion for the hard work; much love. Now i should talk about the West Coast roleplay server, you should join it if you actually wanna chat with the people you played / role played with and the admins, the discord server is very helpful when you are having issues ingame or when there are rulebreakers you can just tag admins and ask them to join the game and punish the player that is rule breaking, there's a specific channel called ''questions n answers'' where you can get quite some helpful answers to your doubts / mysteries. There's also a great bot in the discord server named West Coast rp, with the nickname set to ''Pablo'', I believe it was scripted by our fellow game scripter, Sidney - which also scripted the server we all love and are playing today. There's a nice feature set for Pablo, you can DM the bot to contact staff that are online if you dont want to tag them in the chat. Speaking about the West Coast roleplay server there's also a channel called 'forum feed' which the bot shows new threads / replies with their titles from the forums even some voice chats which you can talk to other players or about stuff in general, both administrators MalibuCola and Frusty post funky pictures from time to time, so if you are wondering what those 2 look like consider joining, West Coast roleplay discord server is everything you need, chatting with players, and all types of that funny shit, Dont forget there are rules in that discord server also so dont get caught lacking, even temporary voice channels. - also an announcement channel which i forgot to mention, announcements for updates, activities ingame. So that's all i had to say about the West Coast roleplay Discord server, i personally love it. Moving on! Now talking about a few admins i forgot to mention / give credit to earlier that do an amazing job. Ladies and gentlemen, never caught lacking, trusted by Damm & Gunhawk, 70 year old, Old fashioned Deluxe, Mister Pitu. Pitu everybody, the highest ranked in the server - Lead Administrator; excluding the amazing owners Damm and Gunhawk - Mr. Andy Smart the 70 year old with a great suit, holding a stick, an erect banana, Honestly my favorite character in the game, Mr. Pitu is more of a mature and nice administrator that takes care of problems very nicely with pleasure, Nicest admin i've seen, created one of my favorite characters in the game Andy Smart. Now the next administrator i forgot to give credit to: SamYu (Sam Yuki), Sam is also a very nice and cheesy person, judging by his roleplaying and his OOC acting. If you broke a rule or got into some trouble, Sam will do the best to not make it easier for you and maybe you might end up not getting admin jailed, just fined (like most admins should do >_>) - Very nice and cheesy player, easy going administrator that was once demoted and now is promoted again, very lucky indeed, i robbed pizza stacks twice and nothing happened, i went to rob Sam's idle gas twice and i got 100 for the first time i robbed it, the second time got 0 dollars, i got arrested in both business robberies not by cops, by the SWAT. Now.. One administrator that i should give the most credit and attention to in this essay, from moderator to organisation administrator, SAN News host, John Alabama. As you all may know, alabama made me type this 7k word essay so he would unban me, and i said yes, i will try something that i have never done before, and now here i am; never thought i coulde've wrote 7k words about the server and its administrators so i would get unbanned for some stupid thing i did, called moneyfarming but here i am, these 100 special words go to Alabama. Sir. John Alabama, you were the greatest and most active moderator at the time, and now you have been promoted to a higher rank that you deserved this whole time, you proved you could do better as a moderator and you got rewarded with a higher rank by the owners or some administrator with the flags to give promote you. You're a great admin but sometimes when it comes to handling issues that include me its usually that i get fucked over because you hate me so much but that doesnt change the way you are as a great administrator. And now last but not least, these last 200 words go to the server, why i want to get unbanned and why do i seem to love it so much, here. When i joined this discord server i saw everyone was playing samp they was talking about this server called west coast roleplay and i really wanted to download samp and play the server with them, so they send me both download links and i manage to fix the download and finally add server ip's to my favorites and play with those dudes, they sent me the west coast roleplay ip and i added it to favorites, immediately fell in love with it, I didnt have much experience on roleplaying, after i was done with the test i got into the game i got my self a character, a new skin and started roleplaying, and actually learning how to, I came into the server to have fun and not break rules, and i would try my best not to break any more rules that will get me banned again i am very unlike the cheaters ingame everyday i'll never moneyfarm again, and thats why i should be unbanned. Sincerely, rochi.
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