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  1. felicity be showing off those swedish skillz
  2. you said it yourself. lsrp is your typical low roleplay server these days.
  3. LS:RP was what "high" was a couple of years ago when we were stuck in the Godfather era. We're in 2019, not 2006 or 2009. Wake up and realize that literally, every roleplay server out there (except for 2 servers ran by the same community) has got the Godfather-style. LS:RP is far away from being classified as "high".
  4. run from me and I'll fu u up ((: I guess?
  5. Pursuits #003 | Bait-car operations; shootouts and vehicle pursuits!
  6. Media #002 | Two counts of high-risk stops on a bait-car.
  7. yeah but... this is just cringy.
  8. this straight up is cringy.
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