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    West Coast Roleplay version 3.9.2 - release date: May 10, 2019 Added in this version Added map icons for vehicle dealerships and rentals, fast food restaurants and fish stores. Added a 5 seconds cooldown to the UPS Driver commands. Added purchasable apartment complexes in 3 different types. (Use /help -> Apartment Complexes for more information). Houses inside apartments are rentable for a price the complex holder can set. The houses are created by a Senior Administrator. This administrator chooses the house interiors that fits the environment. If you are interested in an apartment complex and one is not created yet, please contact a Senior Administrator+ and we will help you. Added a paycheck based on your player level. (Non-donators = 450 * level + earnings, donators = 900 * level + earnings). Added an automatic level up system. Use /settings to block this feature for your account. Use /levelup if you have this feature disabled. Added an automatic organizations payout system based on the amount of turfs they own. They get a small amount of money, materials A-D, and drugs each full hour and is transfered in their safe each monday, wednesday and friday on 12 PM server time. Added illegal businesses for organizations and updated the icon. You can find them by the "bullets" icon, instead of their previous "skulls" icon. Use /help -> Illegal Businesses for more information. Added a duty player color for online LEO players. They can use /badge to hide their color. Added a duty player color for online Fire Department players. They can not hide their color. Changes in this version Moved the vehicle locks to Electronic Stores. Robbing a business now requires 3 LEO officers on duty. Robbery rewards are now bigger. Previously you would get between 1 and 10 percent of the business till. Now you receive between 50 and 75 percent of the till. Fixed in this version Fixed the command alternatives. (For example /orgs). Fixed the Health Hack desync bug if you die. Please write a bug report if it still kicks you. Fixed the illegal business loading error. Fixed the houses exit, label and pickup errors. This update sends a thanks to: @Sidney - Lead developer @John - Testing and suggestions ... and all the WC-RP Beta Testers!
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    Great update ! Keep up the good work.

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