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    I honestly have a confident feeling that disabling Pablo like it was done today will bring the server back up to the population it was (or whatever that will be) The reason why the anti-cheat hasn't been disabled yet is because the owners needed players to play the game in order for the anti-cheat to learn shit (this is what i've been told) problem is, the bot is just flagging innocent players and banning them for retarded reasons, therefore causing the playerbase to go to 0 for like 2 weeks. Past month server stats. Today, April 4th. i say we just disable Pablo until it's confident enough to not ban innocent players and we start rebuilding the player-base by actually putting in effort to things, like what's happened the past month event wise besides a hoodie? Nothing as far as I know. Most (Thank you to the some that are still playing and trying to improve the server to this day) of the admins have went inactive since the server has went inactive, even some just blatantly giving up without notice and saying the "server is dead" and not trying to fix the issue, well no shit

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