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  2. Best of luck.
  3. Cruisin' around.
  4. ((It wasn't because his wife got sick eating pizzas, it was fast food in general ))
  5. Haha we did 2-2 vs Besiktas lol (football)
  6. You if you get arrested now your record is still clear?
  7. Puts some more efforts with your Roleplaying screenshots, the story was lacking efforts as well so I can't judge until i see more SS's to see how much you can go so far. but good luck anyway, NEUTRAL.
  8. ani is good guy and my dad
  9. Today
  10. English in the application is very bad plus you're RP screens are RPing by yourself with 1-4 lines of text.
  11. RP screens would really help you out.
  12. Denied. The players involved in this family are too trigger happy and center around gun play, from the screens I can see you can RP when you want to but it's not a reflection of what actually goes on IG.
  13. Denied.
  14. Long time yet no activity has been marked.
  15. Dont actually watch football unless Croatia plays. And my favorite player is Luka Modrić. When it comes to handball its the same thing. Favorite handball player Ivano Balić but he retired sadly.
  16. Club; Beşiktaş - Turkey player: Ricardo Quaresma
  17. W/S Rose Street 13 A local criminal street gang has began wreaking havoc in southwestern Los Santos. In the neighborhood of El Corona, Hispanic teenagers are carrying out crimes terrorizing the community at large. Going by the name Ganga Rosa 13 or Rose Street Gang, the gang controls the El Corona Flats, a notorious housing project located in the heart of El Corona on the 4600 block of Rose Street. Gang graffiti is etched all over the back rail roads and over bridge crossing. In the past, a gang known as the Rose Street 13 controlled this area. However, on February 3, 2014, a gang raid was led by LSPD and SWAT leading to the arrest of over one hundred Rose Street 13 gang members. After the raid, the gang went defunct for years and the El Corona flats looked to be safe again. This dream came to an end when on June 10, 2016, two year old Jorge Clemente was shot in the chest with a .40 caliber pistol when masked gunmen emerged from an alley ambushing his twenty five year old mother Charlie "Chucky" Clemente, daughter of incarcerated Mexican Mafia Lieutenant ex-drug lord Pedro "Flako" Clemente, showering her in a hail of gunfire taking both lives at the scene. The murder was rumored to be a hit from an organization moving in on Los Santos and Mexican Mafia's territory. Chuckie was loved by community members and was a known big time drug dealer on the south side. It is rumored that Rose supplied local dealers with product whom in turn had young teenagers out in the projects dealing dope for money which kept everyone satisfied. After his death, the projects went up as dealers turned on each other. Robberies, homicides, kidnappings, stabbings etc. all seen a sudden spike in El Corona as blood stained it's pavement. Around late 2016, a new cliqua emerged on the streets of El Corona, Red Steps. Charlie had been shot several times in the back and lower torso while walking holding baby Jorge and collapsed on an apartment step before bleeding out cradling her dying son. At the scene of the crime, the steps of the apartment 46B were stained with the blood of Charlie of Jorge. Symbolically carrying out her wrath on the streets of Los Santos, Latino foot soldiers under the Surenos banner came together out of the remnants of the Rose Street 13 that survived the raid forming the Red Steps cliqua.
  18. We will add it Soon or Later or now
  19. Yea but we still cant compare it with best clubs ( Barcelone,Real or Bayern) Cool, a cup finished today in Turkey my club participated lol
  20. Milan did a good job this summer. Bought quite a few players. I think it is going to get back to Champions this year. Yup. Here in Greece
  21. AC Milan in old years ye i feel u that it were one of the best clubs but now its nothing lol Your club IRL is it in Europe ?
  22. Best Club (for me) AC Milan Basketball: Olympiakos (Euroleague) Handball: No idea. I'm in a club called: SYN.KA (we won a cup last year just sayin ) Best player in football : Ummm for me is Dybala and Asensio tbh Basketball: Curry Handball: No idea as always.
  23. I know this. This is so that the LSPD doesn't abuse the right to "remove crimes". If you want to permanently remove a crime, contact an admin.
  24. NO ONE IS $AFE
  25. I said that just IC'ly man chill out
  26. Yesterday
  27. Nobody on the server now is an OG lmao
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