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  1. Last week
  2. Just started playing fallout 4 and GTA 5 and im having a good time playing.
  3. Wuzgood, Internship is killing me ffs. Been to several festivals. Ez pzy.
  4. sup been to hardstyle and hardcore festivals, popped some pills, done some mushrooms. yeah im good. tell us about you!
  5. sup boys. just tryna see what everyone is doing, how's your personal life? play any new games recently? done any drugs? idc just give me an update i care about you folks. love arbiter
  6. Earlier
  7. Awesome! Welcome back, Damm! ❤️
  8. Looking forward to returning on Wednesday! ❤️
  9. Love ❤️ almost welcome back Damm, almost!
  10. Please try to remove the server and add server.wc-rp.com:7777 or try the numerical IP address.
  11. Guest

    Server in on?

    Is the server on? The server is off in my samp box ..idk why...is the has been changed ?
  12. Great update ! Keep up the good work.
  13. West Coast Roleplay version 3.9.2 - release date: May 10, 2019 Added in this version Added map icons for vehicle dealerships and rentals, fast food restaurants and fish stores. Added a 5 seconds cooldown to the UPS Driver commands. Added purchasable apartment complexes in 3 different types. (Use /help -> Apartment Complexes for more information). Houses inside apartments are rentable for a price the complex holder can set. The houses are created by a Senior Administrator. This administrator chooses the house interiors that fits the environment. If you are interested in an apartment complex and one is not created yet, please contact a Senior Administrator+ and we will help you. Added a paycheck based on your player level. (Non-donators = 450 * level + earnings, donators = 900 * level + earnings). Added an automatic level up system. Use /settings to block this feature for your account. Use /levelup if you have this feature disabled. Added an automatic organizations payout system based on the amount of turfs they own. They get a small amount of money, materials A-D, and drugs each full hour and is transfered in their safe each monday, wednesday and friday on 12 PM server time. Added illegal businesses for organizations and updated the icon. You can find them by the "bullets" icon, instead of their previous "skulls" icon. Use /help -> Illegal Businesses for more information. Added a duty player color for online LEO players. They can use /badge to hide their color. Added a duty player color for online Fire Department players. They can not hide their color. Changes in this version Moved the vehicle locks to Electronic Stores. Robbing a business now requires 3 LEO officers on duty. Robbery rewards are now bigger. Previously you would get between 1 and 10 percent of the business till. Now you receive between 50 and 75 percent of the till. Fixed in this version Fixed the command alternatives. (For example /orgs). Fixed the Health Hack desync bug if you die. Please write a bug report if it still kicks you. Fixed the illegal business loading error. Fixed the houses exit, label and pickup errors. This update sends a thanks to: @Sidney - Lead developer @John - Testing and suggestions ... and all the WC-RP Beta Testers!
  14. I doubt this won't work, but if this won't work for you: Try removing all servers and add (that's our numeric IP) first. Connect to the server and than add all the other ones back.
  15. https://www.sa-mp.com/download.php last link on the website.
  16. You need to update your SA-MP. Go to sa-mp.com click on Downloads and scroll down to "SA-MP 0.3.DL (testing) Client Download" Enjoy.
  17. Hi,I'd like to join the server but problems are down in pictures I put down.Does anybody know how to fix it,let me know.
  18. Hello albanian_guy, If you can PM me your master account name and the email address you registered your account with then I can reset your password. (Verification method)
  19. Start up SAMP, join our server, typ in a password and then there should be a button to recover your password with the e-mailaddress you signed in at.
  20. So i have years without playing WCRP and luckily my account was saved, but i dont remember its password, how do I change my password?
  21. Awesome, respect @Sidney - always pro!
  22. Thanks! It was 0.05 percent and it is now 0.15 percent. I have changed it in the log.
  23. You probably mean that it was 0.15 percent, and that it is now 0.5 percent, right?
  24. West Coast Roleplay version 3.9.1 - release date: April 29, 2019 This is a small update since March as both me and Damm are busy with school and final exams. We thank you for still showing interest in West Coast Roleplay and we hope to see you online soon! Changes in this version IMPORTANT CHANGE: The anticheat Pablo was removed in version 3.9 and the old anticheat was restored because the anticheat Pablo was not working as expected. The lottery jackpot was raised to $5,000,000, and it adds more money to the jackpot each hour and when you purchase a ticket. Hopefully this makes the lottery more attractive. Increased the dealership income for cars and planes. Cars was 0.10 percent, and is now 0.25 percent. Planes was 0.05 percent and is now 0.15 percent. When the server is more active it will revert back to the previous income. In the next updates I'll look over some of the suggestions and bug reports as far time allows me. Stay tuned.
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