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  3. I like to dance

  4. Well, we didn't try shooting back at you, as we were heavily armed-.. and we didn't see it coming. I'm not mad, I just want a explanation of the DK. If this report successes, I have to post a refund application, doe 800 Mats C, 2 M4 and a Sniper.
  5. Well all of you guys was heavily armed with M4's and a sniper so I had to take everyone out, simple. They also tried shooting back at me, all three of them so it's basically self-defence from that point. He's just mad that he got killed by me he didn't see it coming.
  6. Nice release ! Lot's of respect.
  7. Oh, so you got far away, so we can't see the /me, and take a pic of it and repor t us if we report you? 10/10 I'm roleplaying as a grandma etcc, also it was their guns, I just stored it for them, you can confirm it from them. Talk about the DK, I'm waiting?
  8. I didn't know the abbreviation shortening for the two words that's why I asked it I clearly do know all the rules my friend. You didn't even see me get off the vehicle because I wasn't in your reach, you wasn't able to see the /me because I tried to stay lowkey I took distance to do so. You are the one roleplaying a grandma passing around M4's to your two friends for nothing, very realistic right? Ofcourse I ask for one too lol but your greedy I don't care about that tho has nothing to do with the report.
  9. West Coast Roleplay version 3.8.9 - release date: March 19, 2019 Added in this version A new payday system as described in the important message (use /paycheck to get more information). A cooldown to the /locker, /give and /hsafe /osafe /bsafe commands. Added discord support. Use /togglediscord to enable the chat channel, and use /dc <message> to write. You can respond in our Discord Server too. Warning: The in-game rules and discord rules still apply. With this we added 911 calls and fire reports for the LSFD faction; Changes in this version Changed the roleplay test to have 1 chance instead of 3. Changed two questions in the roleplay test. Fixed in this version Fixed a bug with house reloading (this must fix the house safe and furniture bug too). Plants now are visible when you plant them in your house, and must save and load correctly. Improvements to Pablo, we love him so much. Fixed a bug where LSPD and LSFD could not place, edit or remove custom objects. Removed in this version Nothing removed in this version. This update sends a thanks to: @Sidney - Lead developer @Damm - Development ... and all the WC-RP Beta Testers!
  10. What do you say about the DK? You didn't even read the rules, you came to me in /pm's and said to me what's DK and AP? You didn't have it in your hands, you came off the vehicle, wasn't in your hands. You didn't RP the ram, you just got in the wall /me rushes with the adrenaline, behind the trees or what the fuck it was, and shot us and DK'd us, I lost 800 mats C, also a report on Chloe is going, and how a chinesse guy works with a black family? SBF, and you was begging me for a gun at Unity, when I gave Maxwell, and Barry a M4, M4, you kept saynig to me give me a gun etc..
  11. Lol if this is your proof than I really have sympathy for you my friend, I didn't ass pull I had it already in my hands when I was on the bike and I actually did RP the ram. (Troy can confirm this) I was with them they didn't know it and that's how I tricked them they tried to rob and kill my friends so I took action it's no DM at all.
  12. The SS was bugged, so here you go.
  13. Your account username: l33t Your character name(s): Rosario Figueroa Names of players involved: Chan Yang When did the incident happen?: Few minutes ago What happened?: He got rammed by Troy, didn't RP that tho, Troy from the SBF can confirm that, then he came to us, got a deagle and started shooting us, after he killed us, he DK'd, also you can clearly see in the SS I provided below, that he AP'd. Additional notes:
  14. كيفك حبيبي من أي دولة انت؟
  15. Yeah i was in the car but did i go outside and went all guns blazing?? I didn't did i?
  16. You're in the car basically, and that's mean you're in/join to kill me.
  17. What the fuck is this shit? How in the hell did I got involved here? On the shooting i was just on the back of the van and being quiet also you said "they are dmer" but i havent pulled out any guns to fucking kill you.
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